Owner Sells Historically Important Yacht for a great cause

Philanthropy and making a difference in the community is Philip Sidebottom's absolute passion and his charitable endeavours include many substantial outcomes but he is really going overboard now!

Phil is a current Ambassador and has been a long-term and major supporter of The Think Pink Foundation for many years, having first attended the Think Pink Masquerade Ball in 2006.

In 2011, Philip and his wife Dianne started a not-for profit called Greenhearts Recyclers which arranged the recycling of materials and office furniture resulting in several major donations to the Think Pink Foundation, which was one of the Greenhearts' five nominated charitable beneficiaries.

Phil became more heavily involved with Think Pink in 2008 when he worked at Mirvac in the role of Facility Manager at 390 St Kilda Road, where the Foundation operates a unique wellness facility called The Living Centre. The Living Centre’s team of highly qualified and experienced health professional offers practical support services to breast cancer patients and their families free of charge at any stage of their journey from initial diagnosis, through treatment and into survivorship. (For further information see The Think Pink Foundation Website: www.thinkpink.org.au or Phone: 03 9820 2888.)

Philip was instrumental in securing the premises for the Living Centre and for facilitating the pro-bono fit out of the centre and its on-site 2-bedroom accommodation apartment at no cost through Mirvac and their network of supportive contractors.

Throughout Philip's leadership and management career he has focussed on leading and managing by enrolment and example.

In his “spare time” Phil loves to sail and some years ago he purchased a yacht with an amazing history and provenance. The Yacht’s name is Pazazz. Unfortunately, over the years before Phil bought her, Pazazz had fallen on hard times and she looked very sad and neglected. Phil, being a man who loves challenges (he’s run a 100Km marathon) immediately set about restoring her. After 8 years of love, attention and several bucket loads of money (approximately $230,000.00) Pazazz has now been restored to better than her former glory.

Most importantly, Phil is now selling the Pazazz and is very generously donating a substantial portion of the sale proceeds to The Think Pink Foundation to help fund their operations at the Living Centre.

A Distinguished History:

Pazazz was designed by Bob Miller (AKA Ben Lexcen) in 1974. The highly respected boat builder Doug Brooker in Sydney was commissioned that same year by her first owner Rick Laycock of Laconia Blanket fame. First berthed at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, she featured in a double-page spread in the Sun newspaper at her launching.

Pazazz was originally a scaled down version of Apollo II and was constructed with triple plank reinforcing inside a fiberglass outer shell which makes her the perfect strong ocean going vessel, much stronger than plain fiberglass. She has been recently converted by her present owner to be a single-handed luxurious ocean cruiser.

Her second owner was Dr Shirley Freeman, the first female owner/skipper at Hobson’s Bay Yacht Club who campaigned her over many years and won many races. She also raced in the Melbourne to Devonport Classic Open Yacht Race and completed 10 successful crossings. All her medals and memorabilia depicting her career are carefully preserved on board for posterity and her future owners.

In preparation for her sale, her current owner Phil Sidebottom has had everything conceivable meticulously serviced and prepared, sparing no expense including the installation of a brand new 2016 Volvo Penta Motor (29Hp) installed by well-known and respected Sydney shipwright Michael Bartley.

In addition to Phil’s loving care, some other kind supporters have recently donated their time and skills to Think Pink to service the new motor, provide new signage, refurbish the tender and fabricate a new all-over cover. In short, now she looks and is magnificent!

A unique opportunity exists to purchase this unique and historically important yacht while at the same time helping a great cause. For further information, please go to: www.boatsales.com.au and search for 1974-MILLER-AND-WHITWORTH-37 or phone The Broker: Peter Biro directly on 0433 440 947.

Own a very special yacht and help breast cancer patients today!

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