Online Skipper Course

Do you have a boat that should be very capable of coastal adventures, but find you are not actually going on them? In the age of YouTube and online forums, it is challenging to filter through the mountains of information available to find what is of value and how to implement it on your boat.

Boat owners who use their boats to their full potential are the ones who realise they don't know everything, but they also do something about it! The most confident and competent boat owners we see every day, are the ones who take the time to understand their boat and the systems on board, meaning they can feel more relaxed about being the skipper. Successful boat ownership stories come from applying transferable processes to everything onboard, from berthing the boat to managing major equipment failure without it being a big deal.

After 20 years of delivering training for people on their boats, measuring what works and consulting with some of the best skipper trainers on in the world, Above & Beyond Boating have drilled down to identify the most important factors that you need to know for skippering a modern cruising boat. This knowledge has been put into a step-by-step program, The Online Skipper Course. The focus is purely on what's most important to use your boat, making you safer and more relaxed with your family, friends and crew.

One customer, we helped achieve a life goal of skippering his boat to the Whitsundays and back in 2017, put it better than we ever could: "It was a real life-changing experience for me. I wish I'd done more of this, years ago. I've made a huge jump forward in my sailing thanks to your excellent tuition, patience, knowledge, diligence and practical experience. The use of technology, both on and off the boat, also was massively beneficial to my understanding of sailing."

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