Greenline NEO – A Milestone

The name NEO originates from the Greek word “neos” meaning “new”, doubling as the acronym New, Entertainment/ Electric, Outboards.

The Greenline brand is best known for being a pioneer with Hybrid propulsion and pure electric propulsion so introducing a new concept using outboard engines is inherently Greenline.

Greenline wanted to continue their drive to innovate considering the environment as a priority. Solar is standard on all Greenline models and intrinsic to the design from day one. The NEO is no exception, featuring 1.2KW panels, allowing owners to save money on marina berths to top up on power and instead utilize swing moorings or when at anchor enjoy a noise free, tranquil setting. On the NEO, you can leave your fridge on permanently without the fear of running out of power with 600amp/h of battery power and regulated solar power.

Greenlines shipyard, together with J&J design studio have created three versatile NEO options – Open, Hard Top and Coupe. Using cutting-edge module base construction together with an ingenious manufacturing approach it is possible to choose between a sociable lounge area or generous sunbed at the bow.

Fluidity of social areas onboard are without boundaries. The new NEO introduces a unique central cockpit and positioned wetbar where the “chef of the day” and all 14 guests on board can cultivate the perfect atmosphere for a full day of entertainment.

Intimacy is ensured by the full size cabin or large U shaped settee in the lower deck and of course, there is also a spacious ensuite bathroom…

Attention to details is present in every corner of the yacht – inside and outside. Balanced colour combination and carefully chosen materials create an impression of prestige and welcoming aura.

The long-lasting restriction to safely and elegantly enter the water via the transom is now finally resolved. The new NEO is equipped with the revolutionary SAFE telescopic system which manages the full-size bathing platform. Step onto the pontoon in high position, access the sea in the lowest position or use to stabilize the motion of the yacht while anchoring.

New NEO travels quietly and comfortably using full electric Torqeedo twin outboard engines securing top speed of 17kts. The range extender can prolong your electric voyage up to 180nm (at 5kts) which can completely diminish any range anxiety.

For those who want to push NEO even further there are market leading petrol Mercury twin outboard engines available, which not only meet the highest environmental standards but can also accelerate to exhilarating 40kts, thanks to the phenomenal hull shape.

No matter if Open, Hard Top or Coupe version is chosen the NEO shares soft yet dynamic lines giving her strong personality which will stand out of the crowd, is respectful to the environment and welcomes guests onboard.

With the outstanding number of units already sold worldwide, there is no doubt the new NEO will greatly impact the boating industry.

Making her world premiere at major in-water boat shows this fall, the new Greenline NEO is certain to inspire and to seduce.

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