Eyachts is expanding into Western Australia

Eyachts dealership network continues to grow, introducing Brendon Grieve as the Perth distributor.

Brendon Grieve has constructed a highly-recognised name for himself which is unsurprising for someone who has been working in the marine industry for 33 years. Beginning his career as a boatman and skipper at the ripe age of 19, going on to sell new and pre-owned boats in 1992 and then managing R Marine Perth for eight years. With so much experience it is inevitable that Brendon has built and maintained an extensive customer base, many of which he now considers close friends.

Brendon was honoured with a seat on the board of Boating Industry of Western Australia and still holds a position as Treasurer on the Marine Brokers Institute of WA board. Brendon now owns his own brokerage, Motoryachts Unlimited and is excited to be adding Eyachts range to his impressive portfolio.

So far, Brendon is appealed by the Axopar 28 Cabin’s dry and warm cabin which still maintains the walk around functionality, something which to date has been unavailable in WA. Centre console boats, popular in the West are typically wet and uncomfortable, while Axopars layout allows for a dry ride, resists heat in the warmer months and interchangeable seating allowing for socialization.

“I look forward to introducing new and innovative products into the Western Australian market which are cutting edge and challenge the mainstream styles. The combination of fuel efficiency, eco-friendly and sustainable, long lasting boat building materials are the way of the future and I believe will take off in WA,” states Brendon.

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