European pickup - an established concept with a fresh twist

For decades sail boat companies have been doing European pick-ups. Not only are many of the world’s best boats built in Europe but Europe is also home to some of the most picturesque waterways.

The Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea are the ideal locations for a coastal summer holiday. If you want to get the full experience, exploring hidden coves and quiet bays the only way to do it is from the comfort of your own boat. Not only will see more but you will save you on transport and accommodation.

The other reason European pick-ups are so popular for Australians is our geographic location that adds initial delivery time and costs. However, when the time comes Eyachts will organise your yacht to be shipped back to Australia with reduced imputing costs.

This combination of savings as well as the ability to explore European waterways on your own terms is why Eyachts have decided to be the firsts to offer this opportunity for motor yachts.

Pickup Locations
The factories for both Greenline and Sealine make them the perfect cruising yachts for a European pickup. These yachts have been built for a European excursion so why not use them for it before bringing them back to your homeland?


Greenlines factory in Slovenia is in prime location to take on a Croatian tour. One of the most popular expeditions Australians undertake in Europe is a boat cruise throughout the scenic Adriatic Sea, so it makes sense to launch your own Greenline Yacht in this unreal location.

Sealines factory in Germany makes for the perfect opportunity for a French or Spanish pickup in Mallorca. This central location gives you access to the entire Med. Cruise along stunning French and Italian coastlines or island hop in Spain, the choice is yours.

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