EnduroShield increases visibility and safety for marine vessels

EnduroShield is an easy clean glass coating that protects marine glass against staining and etching and significantly improves visibility and safety.

This innovative new glass coating is particularly useful in maritime conditions as it protects glass against salt corrosion that can stain and etch glass, decreasing visibility through the glass during the day and at night.

As well as keeping glass clear and clean, and protecting glass against sea salt corrosion, EnduroShield reduces the amount of glass cleaning needed, saving you time and money.

EnduroShield is very easy to apply to glass surfaces. It’s a simple spray on application and sets overnight. The 125ml DIY kits covers 8-square meters and is ample for glass protection on most boats. RRP $59.95. For the larger 40-60 footers, the 500 ml DIY kit covers 32 square metres of glass or can be applied to the glass on several boats. RRP $184.95.

You can buy EnduroShield on-line at: www.enduroshield.com


Marine glass restoration

EnduroShield also has a specialist team who restore glass to new and then protect glass with the EnduroShield coating.

The team has recently been contracted by the Port Authority of NSW, Sydney, for their pilot vessels. The captain of the pilot vessel said the glass restoration was amazing and that he felt much safer with the increased visibility through all windows, making it one less thing for him to have to worry about.

The cruise liner Carnival Victory also contracted EnduroShield to protect their portholes and marine windows from salt staining and etching and improve visibility. They were extremely happy with the results.

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