Endeavour Marine 30 Mile Classic

Photos: Peter Wilson’s Formula Pye.
Justin Mitchell’s Mitchell Sails ahead of Drew Garnett’s Valkyrie.

Twenty-nine boats contested this Regatta on Lake Macquarie and hosted by Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto. It was held on Saturday 17th November with entrants from Lake Macquarie Yacht Club as well as RMYC Toronto competing.

With the fleet ranging from 20 foot to 43 foot, the event was based on performance handicapping in 2 divisions. The yacht race was around Pulbah Island with zigzags across Belmont Bay and finally making their way back to Toronto to finish. The breeze was a pleasant 10 – 15 knots.

In Division 1 Justin Mitchell’s Adams 10 Mitchell Sails was victor from Peter Mayo’s Sydney 38 Austral and Drew Garnett’s Far East Valkyrie.

In Division 2 Peter Wilson’s VX Formula Pye was victor from Rob Dawes Hanse 445 Indigo and Rod Dean’s Northshore 31 Going Grey.

RMYC Toronto Sailing Section could not run this annual event without its generous sponsors, Endeavour Marine, Altex Boat Paints, Bob Fussell Marine and Sail Centre and RMYC Toronto.

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