Aussie Pump goes to sea

Photo: The new bronze Aussie is ready for action on the M/Y Steve Irwin.

Australian Pump are proud that the Sea Shepherd Worldwide Fleet has recently installed another Aussie GMP bronze pump! The unit is fitted to the M/Y Steve Irwin. The pump forms part of the updated seawater sewer system.

Brian Race from Sea Shepherd Global chose the Aussie because of its high quality nickel aluminium bronze construction and open impeller. The open impeller will handle salt water with small compressible solids.

Any installation of 2” pumps will operate with 2 metres of head with a delivery branch that will reduce to 1 ½” to allow a discharge at a slower rate. The supply tank is mounted 500 mm above the location of the pump so suction is not an issue.

The medium will be salt water and human discharge and is well within the pump’s capability. Australian Pump upgraded the material specifications of all their bronze range to nial aluminium bronze. Other materials in similar applications are subject to failure due to early corrosion.

Australian Pump was pleased to supply an Aussie GMP model B2KQ-A 2” x 2”pump with a capability of providing flows up to 600 lpm. The pump’s suction capability has a vertical lift of 6m and delivery head maximum of 20 m. The pump is a neat fit, compact in design with the installation taking place at Williamstown.

The M/Y Steve Irwin is an Island Class Patrol Vessel originally built in Scotland by Russell & Co in Aberdeen. It was built for the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency and served in that application until 2003.

The vessel, originally M/Y Robert Hunter, was renamed in honour of famous Australian conservationist, Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter). Steve had planned to take a Sea Shepherd whale defence voyage before his unfortunate and untimely death.

Australian Pump is proud to have its pumps chosen by the Sea Shepherd Worldwide Fleet.

Further information on Aussie’s range of bronze pumps is available in the easy to read selection guide from Australian Pump Industries or authorised distributors throughout Australia.

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