Gaff-rigged Schooner 26ft Pittwater



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Gaff-rigged Schooner 26ft Pittwater

Jameil is a unique gem. A gaff-rigged 26 foot William Atkins “Silverheels” schooner that is well-balanced, sturdy, reliable and elegant.

Jameil was built in 1975 in a historic style from an earlier era, the same style as the first America’s Cup winner.

The strip-planked, Beech on Spotted-gum hull is Dynel-sheathed with a hardwood full length keel.

It has a 15 HP Yanmar diesel engine and a full set of sails.

She has a poetic line, a remarkably spacious cabin for the small size, with two long and two shorter births. If there are just two of you, three of the berths can be connected to make a very comfortable space.

She has a head(toilet), a small galley with no stove, although there is space to install one. We bring a jerrycan of water and use a camping cooker and often choose to cook and dine on deck.

She had a lot of work done in Dec 2018, new stainless steel rigging along with new stainless steel goosenecks and pinrails, and leather-lined gaff saddles. The masts were re-varnished, the plywood decks re-coated in Dynel and painted.



Boat type sail
Make Willaim Atkins
Model Silverheels
Length 8m
Condition used
Year manufactured 2021
Hull type mono
Registration number JV500N
Registration expiry 15/3/2021
HIN number AUWWA169955A62