Kubota – WM 50 professionally marinised

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Kubota – WM 50 professionally marinised

This WM 50 HP marinised Kubota diesel and matched PRM 150 hydraulic gearbox, was purchased from Witchard’s Marine of Mona Vale, NSW in April 2020. 

Serious medical issues (now sorted) have had it stored indoors and covered for 3 years. 


A marine diesel mechanic found our yacht’s hull impossibly narrow in mid 2003, Hence the sale :-


This professionally marinised Kubota is a quality unit and is in new condition, not connected or started since delivery.   Ready to fit!   


Deluxe instrument panel and long cable included.  It is located in storage near Belmont NSW


Engine/gearbox unit plus electrics. $15,000

Measurements or verification requests:- PH Mac 02 4946 7976