Marine Trivia Quiz 190

Compiled by Jim Broadside

1. Botany Bay was initially named:
-    Endeavour Bay
-    Sting Ray Harbour
-    Bassin La Perouse

2. Concours d’ Elegance at the March Wooden Boat Festival of Geelong was won by:
-    Lupa Wylo owned by Lilliane Caron and Fabrizio Tassalini
-    Cadora owned by Chris Ackerman
-    Windward II owned by James Woods

3. Antarctic Explorer Sir Douglas Mawson was born in:
-    Australia
-    Kenya
-    England

4. The letters FAD on a yellow buoy indicate:
-    Ferry Aquamark Designated
-    Fish Aggregating Device
-    First Aid Defibrillator

5. Shellfish collected by recreational fishers should:
-    Always be eaten raw
-    Never be eaten raw
-    Be only collected after rainfall

6. The NSW Bag Limit for Blue and Red/Brown Groper is:
-    1 for each spearfisher
-    2 by line only
-    1 only with a scissors (push) net

7. A ‘gallery’ in sailing warships was where:
-    Meals were prepared
-    Orders were posted
-    The Admiral or Captain could walk and rest

8. To ‘clench’ in a vessel is to make:
-    Fast to a dock bollard
-    A permanent join
-    A  temporary join

9. The most important first action in a ‘person overboard’ situation is to:
-    Make ready dry clothing and warm beverages
-    Send out a ‘Pan Pan’ message
-    Keep the person in sight at all times

10. All vessels must stay at least:
-    100m from any whale
-    2 boat lengths from any whale
-    500m from a whale with calf

Last month’s winners –  

Zoe Wolseley, Albion, QLD; Elijah Gallard, Derwent Park, TAS.


Answers to Quiz No 189

    1.    Umiak is the Eskimo name for a kayak when it is paddled by a woman. It becomes a ‘kayak’ again when paddled by a man.

    2.    A vessel is ‘well found’ when she is fully equipped with everything required and ready for her effective operation.

    3.    The alphabetical flags of one colour are B (red) and Q (yellow).

    4.    Victor Hugo in 1866 said the compass was the soul of a ship.

    5.    The North mark on gyro compass points to the true North Pole.

    6.    The remaining vessel that took troops to the Crimean War and convicts to Australia is sailing vessel Edwin Fox, built in India in 1853. She is in a covered dry dock in New Zealand in unrestored condition.

    7.    The replica of HMB Endeavour will voyage to Lord Howe Island to support observation of the Transit of Venus on 5-6 June 2012.

    8.    The left side of vessel facing forward was initially designated ‘larboard’. This was changed to ‘port’ in 1844 although that word had been in use.

    9.    The RAN’s newest survey vessels are HMAS Melville and Leeuwin – both commissioned 27 May 2000. The other four were commissioned in 1989 and 1990. The Australian Hydrographic Service, an element of the RAN, is responsible for charting 1/8th of the world’s surface.

    10.    The 2012 International One Metre Radio Controlled Yachts Championship held in Tasmania was won by Michael Grieve (Queensland).