Afloat Xword 103

Compiled by John Gray

Afloat Crossword 103 


    1.     The operation of hauling-up, generally in order to make something more secure (5,2)
    5.     Classification given to the captains of merchants or fishing vessels (7)
    9.    To describe a rocky coast without anchorage (4,5)
    10.    A citizen who exercises his or her legal right to suffrage (5)
    11.     Sailors slang term for the wealthy, who sailed Port Out, Starboard Home, to avoid the sun on P&O liners (4)
    12.     Violent winds between 64-71 knots 14m waves, force 12 on the Beaufort Scale (9)
    14.    Maritime necessities having rings, palms, stocks, shanks, bills crowns and throats (7)
    16.     A maritime term for the act of putting water into an empty rum cask until it becomes grog (7)
    18.     Receives personnel or cargo onboard the ship (7)
    20.     The historic ‘Fort’ located between Garden Island and Kirribili (7)
    21.     A factor that is the ‘felt’ air temperature on exposed skin due to prevailing wind (4,5)
    22.     Maritime slang for a ship’s shoemaker, he’s often very arrogant (4)
    25.     A horseshoe-shaped or circular reef of coral enclosing a lagoon (5)
    26.     Name given to the four ships with which Samuel Cunard formed the Cunard line of steamships (9)
    27.     Prefix term given to the ‘ports’ which are openings in the bulwarks that allow deck water to run off (7)
    28.     Any web-footed bird, like an albatross, gull or petrel which frequent the oceans and coasts (3,4)


    1.     An outboard motor’s fitting attached to the back part of a vessel that assists in the trimming of the craft (4,5)
    2.    Sailing situation, up in the wind, and can’t pay off on either tack – also a bar known as “bilboes” which was shackled to a sailor’s ankles (5)
    3.     Initially “every bay below sea-level” has a tidal stream as it recedes back to sea (4)
    4.     Storage bags of fabric found each side of the masts in which to stow the spinnakers (7)
    5.     Large salt-water crustacean found in mangroves, prized as a delicacy (3,4)
    6.    An active volcanic island in the Solomon Islands group in the South Pacific Ocean in the northeast tip of Guadalcanal Island (4,6)
    7.     Embayments where fresh water mixes with salt water (9)
    8.     To wind spun yarn around a rope that has been wormed and parceled (5)
 13.     Italian physicist who was the inventor of the barometer (10)
    15.     A yachting term to describe the floorboards of the cabin accommodation, or cabin deck space (5,4)
    17.     A plank attached to the bow of a boat or between ships to walk out on (4,5)
    19.     Container for stowing furled sails (4,3)
    20.     Timbers that were single horizontal bollards in a ship’s bulwarks, for securing the falls of purchases (7)
    21.     A lading place for shipping vessels (5)
    23.    A river of western Thailand flowing southward to join the Ping River to form the Chao Phraya – your Grandma is there (3)
    24.     Vasco Da . . . . Portuguese navigator and conquistador, first European to discover the sea route to India. (4)

Solution to Afloat Crossword 103