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Boating Guide iPhone appBoating Guide iPhone app

Michael Cocks from Ballina Slipway and Boatworx Australia has designed the Boating Guide to allow boating enthusiast to quickly and easily find Marinas, Boat Ramps and Port information around Australia.
The app allows user to search and even compare Marinas or Boat Ramps to see which one has got the best facilities and requirements for their needs.
The area function allows you to check what services are around your current location which is an absolute must have.
Some of the marina information available include contact numbers, maximum length, beam, and draft in that particular marina, services available, whether the marina has WiFi, showers, laundry and much more.
A boat ramp search will reveal what facilities are available at each ramp and if they include toilets, ramp size, fish cleaning tables etc.
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Police say GME EPIRB key element in dramatic sea rescuePolice say GME EPIRB key element in dramatic sea rescue

A ride in a NSW Water Police vessel was the last thing 11-year-old Coffs Harbour mates Ryan Matthews and Riley Smiles expected when they set off with their fathers for a day’s boating off of Sydney’s Northern beaches last month.
The 41ft steel-hulled Intrepid was fishing approximately 7.5kms from Sydney’s North Head when the skipper noticed smoke billowing from the vessel’s engine compartment. Realising the boat was now listing severely and they were in serious trouble, the decision was made to activate their GME MT400 Emergency Beacon and abandon ship at around 8.30am, taking an Esky cooler for additional floatation. Within minutes the recently purchased Intrepid sank.
The EPIRB’s signal was detected by the orbiting COSPAS SARSAT satellites with the position and identification of the distressed crew relayed to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority in Canberra, who in turn scrambled search and rescue services.
Within 45 minutes of the GME MT400 activation, a Westpac Life Saver Rescue helicopter piloted by Peter Yates located the EPIRB’s homing signal and flew directly to the group and dropped an inflatable life raft allowing the fathers and sons to clamber aboard.
GPS coordinates of the liferaft’s position were transmitted to the police vessel WP34 2257 which picked up the survivors and transferred them to the Water Police Sydney HQ at Balmain where they were treated for minor injuries by paramedics.
Police say GME EPIRB key element in dramatic sea rescueDetective Superintendent Mark Hutchings, of the Marine Area Command, commended the presence of mind and actions of the vessel’s owner Scott Smiles, also highlighting the importance of the GME EPIRB in the rescue, adding that having a registered EPIRB is mandatory and, without one, emergency services could have taken hours or even days to find the distressed parties.
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Fuelmaster cleans and conditions diesel fuel. It also deals with problems inherent in diesel, including diesel bug, excessive black exhaust smoke, and the lack of lubricity caused by the recent reduction of sulphur from diesel fuel.
As well as working to clean up dirty fuel, Fuelmaster also acts on any water present in the fuel, making it become part of the fuel molecule which burns off harmlessly. Taking away the environment which encourages diesel bug and fungal growth means no biocides are necessary, in fact Fuelmaster contains no biocides, aromatic solvents, alcohol or metals.
The superior lubricating properties of the product benefit the whole fuel system and components connected with it.
Fuelmaster is a solution to particular problems and used to fix these problems, and as part of an overall maintenance product, the discerning operator uses Fuelmaster continually in order to reap its full benefits.
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Used Boat Warranty delivers confidence Aussie wide

Following the recent launch of the BIA Dealer Certified Used Boat Warranty program and Boat Protection Plus program, boat dealers from Sydney to Perth have embraced the policy which is fully backed by Nautilus Marine.
The Used Boat Warranty from Nautilus Marine provides complete peace of mind to families who purchase a used boat or PWC from a participating marine dealer. Under this program consumers are assured that they are not buying someone else’s problem boat.
The program is fully endorsed by the Boating Industry Association in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. In NSW and Victoria the program is marketed under the banner of Boat Protection Plus and promoted by select dealers who have satisfied the rigorous requirements set down by of Nautilus Marine.
The complete list of dealers supporting the Nautilus Marine programs can be found at
Nautilus Marine – 1300 780 533;


RPAYC inaugural Club Marine Pittwater Sail ExpoRPAYC inaugural Club Marine Pittwater Sail Expo

The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club together with Club Marine will host the inaugural Club Marine Pittwater Sail Expo, a community event to be held over the week end of 24-25 March featuring exhibitors supplying goods and services to the professional and leisure sailor as well as providing information on sail training, club membership, cruising, dinghy and yacht racing.
Held in and around the club house and on the floating marina, the Expo will feature an extensive array of exhibitors and displays covering all aspects of sailing and boating.
The family, friendly event is open to the public and there will be no charge to enter. The Club offers car parking for up to 400 cars, however, a shuttle service will be arranged that will service local public car parks to assist with the logistics of show visitors.
Pittwater Sail Expo –