Marine Trivia Quiz 186

Compiled by Jim Broadside

1. The ‘squat effect’ is:
-    A symptom of gastro intestinal complaints
-    Reduced keel clearance when travelling at speed in shallows
-    Repetitive strain injury from hauling stern ropes
2. The yacht Jessica Watson skippered in the 2011 Sydney-Hobart Race was:
-    Ella Bache
-    Chanel Aqua
-    Ella’s Pink Lady
3. The December 2011 ISAF worlds in Perth saw:
-    1,100 athletes from 79 countries contest 10 Olympic sailing classes
-    1,150 athletes from 69 countries contest 9 classes
-    990 athletes from 75 countries contest 10 classes
4. ANMM’s new Director from mid-February will be:
-    Kendall Simpson
-    Kenneth Gumption
-    Kevin Sumption
5. US Coast Guard has increased average assumed weight per ferry passenger:
-    From 72.6kg to 83.0kg
-    From 164.7 pounds to 194.7 pounds
-    From 75kg to 85kg
6. ANMM’s public research library is named after:
-    President George Bush
-    Dr Kevin Fewster
-    Mr Vaughan Evans
7. The Indonesian Spice Islands’ rarest and most in demand products were:
-    Cardamon and tandoori
-    Cloves and nutmeg
-    Pepper and bay leaves
8. Winner of 2011 Frank Broeze Memorial Maritime History Prize was:
-    Ian Hoskins for ‘Sydney Harbour – A History’
-    Iain McCalman for ‘Darwin’s Armada ... the battle for evolution...’
-    Professor Alan Powell for ‘Northern Voyagers: Australia’s monsoon coast...’
9. Robert Miller is better known as:
-    Taffrail
-    Ben Lexcen
-    Joseph Conrad
10. The RAN’s latest vessel HMAS Choules is a:
-    Heavy Landing Ship
-    Landing Ship Dock
-    Troop Transport Amphibious


Last month’s winners –  

Alex Hibbins, Wellington Point, QLD;
Ethan Craig, Brighton, VIC.

Answers to Quiz No 185

    1.    The wrecks of Sir Francis Drake’s last ships Elizabeth and Delight are thought to have been found in a cove off Panama.
    2.    President Obama on 17 November visited a memorial in Darwin to the 91 US sailors lost in the sinking of USS Peary in Darwin harbour on 19 February 1942.
    3.    The purpose of ballast tanks in submarines is to destroy or restore positive buoyancy to enable the submarine to dive and surface.
    4.    A ‘bolt-rope’ is sewn on the edges of sails to prevent fraying; and is named according to the side of the sail it is sewn on.
    5.    The Australian National Maritime Museum is the only Commonwealth operated museum outside the ACT. Within the ACT are the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Australian War Memorial, National Museum of Australia and Questacon.
    6.    A Seamen’s astrolabe was used for measuring the altitude of the sun or a star to determine approximate latitudes, but was difficult to use except in calm waters.
    7.    A Pelorus is a ring with sighting vanes fitted to a compass bowl, and used for taking bearings.
    8.    The first international contestants in the 2011 ISAF Worlds to arrive in Perth (in late September) were four Japanese 470 sailors; a men’s and a women’s team.
    9.    The two shortest boats entered for the 2011 Rolex Sydney Hobart were Maluka of Kermandie (9.0m LOA) and Illusion (10.3m LOA).
    10.    The Australian area’s average season number of tropical cyclones is 12. Experts suggest an 80% chance of more than 12 cyclones from November 2011 to April 2012