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Compiled by John Gray

Afloat Crossword 88Athwart

  1.     The science workroom which belongs to us, could be said of a vessel that pitches and rolls heavily (7)
  5.     Being higher on the ship compartments creates flows of water from the depths towards the surface (7)
  9.     A fleet; especially, a fleet of Spanish ships of 17th century which brought treasure from America and the Indies. (5)
 10.     Might be said of a sailor who is defiant and not disposed to duty watches? (9)
 11.     The bringing up of a yacht head to wind and across it so as the wind comes from the other side (7)
 12.     Term in sail making, the foremost upper corner of a four-sided fore-and-aft sail (4)
 15.     Those sails set upon the lower yards of square-rigged ships, to which the bonnets could be attached (7)
 16.     Directs a vessel in a set direction by means of a wheel connected to a rudder (6)
 17.     Odd characters have humps that designates a Ship of The Realm (3)
 19.     Calking without a kilo qualifier makes thin braided cord, used to prevent sails being washed off the foredeck (6)
 21.     A long period sea wave produced by an earthquake or volcanic eruption (7)
 24.     Name used when several moorings are attached to an anchored ground chain (4)
 25.     Half a breath on a hard tumour for the direction that is across the line of a ship’s course (7)
 28.     That point on the horizon 135 degrees off the Port Quarter when bearing north (5,4)
 29.     Equatorial constellation housing two bright stars Betelgeuse and Rigel (5)
 30.   Nero (half heartedly) will pluck his instrument on the beak or prow of his ancient warship (7)
 31.     Related to a perfume or of its essential part (7)


  1.     A purchase used when luffing to adjust tension and location of draft (4,6).
  2.     Temporary receptacle on the counter of a fore-&-aft rigger on which the main boom is stored when laying at anchor (4,6)
  3.     Regular rigs of Cape Cod catboats, with large gaff and boom mainsail, no headsails, and stem-stepped mast (3,4)
  4.   Slow moving; having little motion, as, a polluted stream (8)
  5.     A direction relative to the wind, toward the direction from which the wind is blowing (6)
  6.     The cogged wheel on a windlass or capstan that pulls on the chain – said of a vessel that is hard to steer (4,3)
  7.     A term associated with rope making, when the strands have been twisted – like your hens have done (4)
  8.     Said of a vessel whose bow and stern is settled and her midships are free of support (4)
 13.   Term for airflow that is detaching from the lee side of a sail (10)
 14.   International code flag, ‘white with red St Andrews Cross’, means a requisition for what? (10)
 18.     A ‘landing stage’ or depot for loading of coals brought from the collieries for shipment by vessels (8)
 20.     A cold windstorm from the north; specifically a wind blowing over Texas to the Gulf of Mexico (7)
 22.     Crowfoot deadeyes, small lines spreading from long wooden blocks to suspend deck awnings (7)
 23.     Name given the spare ‘anchor’, about one third the weight of the bower, but larger than the kedge (6)
 26.     Runs all over the place in the United States Naval Reserve (4)
 27.     Gold, the first of kind and soft, web-footed, short-winged diving birds of Northern seas (4)

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