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Shipmate Marine Directory – the Victorian boaters essential guideShipmate Marine Directory – the Victorian boaters essential guide

The all new, 2011 edition of Shipmate Marine Directory – the Victorian boaters essential guide, is out now and available free to boaters.
This 136 page pocket wonder, published annually and now in its seventh edition, is essential cabin kit for anyone venturing out on Victorian waterways. Contents include a complete list of yacht clubs and marinas, an A-Z of marine trades and services listed by category, details on the steer clear zones for Port Phillip, Corio Bay and Western Port, information on the new Port Melbourne and St Kilda boating and swimming zones, as well as a complete Docklands boating guide.
A special feature of Shipmate Marine Directory this year is a section headed, ‘Who You Gonna Call’ which helps boaters identify the different organizations responsible for various aspects of Victorian waterways in any contingency.
Look for the distinctive purple cover and pick up your free copy at yacht clubs, marinas, marine organizations and selected marine businesses.
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Gelcoat rope chafe damageGelcoat rope chafe damage

Rope chafe damage to gelcoat surfaces is a common problem on many yachts, both new and old. Not only is the damage unsightly but it also adversely affects the value of your boat.
One of your first objectives must be to try to improve the alignment of your sheets and furling lines to prevent further damage.
However, there is a relatively new product on the market which has been well reviewed in many international yachting magazines worldwide. Called ‘WearAndTear Pads’, they comprise ultra thin ‘patches’ of marine grade stainless steel, held in place with a high specification adhesive backing.
The surface preparation is simple: Any deep areas of damage are filled, flatted off and the surrounding area is thoroughly cleaned before applying the ‘pads’. With tight curvatures, it is generally recommended to pre-form the stainless steel so that its shape corresponds approximately to the surface.
Available through stockists or directly through website.
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GME Marine AntennasMarine Antennas

GME has increased the flexibility of their already large marine antenna range with the release of the ABL014 and ABL015 antenna bases.
The round base is only 75mm in diameter and so ideal for boats that don’t have a lot of room to mount their antennas.
These new antenna bases are compatible with any of the AIS, 27mHz, VHF or broadcast whips which are available in a 4ft (1.2m), 6ft (1.8m) or 8ft (2.4m) lengths.
The increase in range gives more flexibility to the owners of boats. Boat owners will also be able to carry two lengths of antenna whip and use the shorter 4ft when closer to the shore, and use a longer 6ft or 8ft when they travel further offshore.
Replacement of broken or damaged whips is simply a case of unscrewing the old whip and screwing in a new one.
GME –; 02 9844 6666.

Fouling the anchor is no longer a problem

AnchorWitch is a new patented system for retrieving anchors.
It consists of a stainless steel wire joining the anchor crown to a point on the chain near the anchor, which a small submerged buoy keeps in position when the anchor is on the floor. Everything is permanently installed and does not affect the anchoring, meaning you are always ready.
If the anchor is fouled, a plastic guide joined to a line slides along the chain, with a specially designed hook which connects to the wire and makes it possible to pull on the anchor by the crown and free it.
The system’s high workload enables the application of a lot of force if necessary. Once freed, the anchor is retrieved normally, the wire connects again to the chain and the system is immediately available for reuse.
The device suits anchor rodes with 8mm to 12mm chains.
AnchorWitch –

Cathodic Protection

Electralogic provides a professional and specialist service in marine cathodic protection, electrolysis and stray currents.
All types of vessels from 10ft alloy tinnies to commercial craft – new and old are at risk!
A properly functioning cathodic protection system will see your underwater metallic fittings outlast its owner. Not to mention reduced marine growth, maximized fuel economy, reduced pollutants and heavy metals in our waterways and extended life of your antifoul.
A consultant to marine electricians, boat builders and rebuilders – Electralogic can help guide you through an ever changing industry with increasing electronics on vessels, all of which affect your vessels protection levels in many ways.
As vessels increase in age, so does the composition of the makeup of your metallic fittings, wiring, electrical and electronics systems which can severely damage your vessel in a short period of time.
Electralogic –; 02 4381 0790.

Icom’s new transceiver, the IC-M412Negotiate the Radio Waves with Icom

Icom’s new transceiver, the IC-M412, supersedes the IC-M411. It can also integrate with Icom’s MA-500TR AIS Transponder, and has improved audio output.
The transceiver is waterproof to a depth of one metre for 30 minutes. The unit has a dedicated DSC receiver. With many Australian Marine Rescue organisations now using DSC to monitor coastal activity, a DSC-enabled VHF radio is a must when considering safety on the water.
The IC-M412 will continually monitor channel 16 while scanning. The large, backlit LCD screen of the IC-M412 also means that it can be operated with ease, allowing the user to keep an eye on the water. By connecting an optional GPS, the transceiver can also let others know the vessel’s current position.
Other superb features include Icom’s outstanding AquaQuake draining function, which emits a buzzing noise to clear water from the speaker.
RRP $374.
Icom –; (03) 9549 7500.