Marine Trivia Quiz 175

Compiled by Jim Broadside

1. The City of Adelaide is notable as the:
-   Fastest sailing ship from Portsmouth to Adelaide
-   Oldest surviving clipper ship
-   Only clipper ship made of lignum vitae
2. The first flying boats operated by QANTAS were:
-   Curtis Seagull
-   Short Bros S23 Empire
-   Dornier Do24
3. The 2010/11 International 14 Australian Championship was won by:
-   Ronstan/Irwin Sails crewed by Lindsay Irwin and Andrew Perry (Victoria)
-   Touring Wombat with Dave Alexander and Cam McDonald (SA)
-   George 1st sailed by Archie Massey and Dan Wilson (NSW)
4. Jessica Watson was born in:
-   Australia
-   New Zealand
-   South Africa
5. Floating crane Titan lost on tow to Singapore in 1992 was built in:
-   Scotland and Italy
-   England and Australia
-   USA
6. The ‘Lord Howe Rise’ is a:
-   Pinnacle on Lord Howe Island
-   Submarine plateau
-   Sailing race from Lord Howe Island to Coffs Harbour
7. HMAS Tambar is most remembered as:
-   A shore station on Christmas Island
-   The first jet turbine engine powered RAN vessel
-   The tragic victim of friendly fire
8. USS Enterprise is notable as the:
-   Eighth US naval vessel of that name
-   World’s second nuclear powered aircraft carrier
-   Oldest vessel in commission in the USN
9. HMS Pinafore was a:
-   Shore establishment that made sailors’ clothing
-   Comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan
-   Warship which fought on the Glorious First of June (1794)
10. The replica HMB Endeavour is about to:
-   Circumnavigate Australia anticlockwise
-   Undertake a voyage around Cape Horn
-   Sail to Mauritius via the Kerguelen Islands

Last month’s winners –  

Colin Leake, Greensborough, VIC; Max Linderman, Margate, QLD.

Answers to Quiz No 174

    1.   2010 Rolex Sydney to Hobart race handicap (IRC) honours were won by Secret Men’s Business 3.5 skippered by Geoff Boettcher.
    2.   Sydney Heritage Fleet’s James Craig was built as a single hold general cargo vessel and first named Clan McLeod. An intermediate deck was included during restoration to provide protected space and amenities.
    3.   In NSW a Diver’s Flag must be blue and white, at least 400mm x 400mm in size and flown above the superstructure.
    4.   The line ‘home is the sailor, home from sea’ was by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is often misquoted as ‘...home from the sea’ including on his tombstone on Samoa.
    5.   The ‘Caine Mutiny’ took place on a fictitious USN destroyer-minesweeper operating in the Pacific in 1944.
    6.   The Roman Ships found in Lake Nemi Italy were built by the Emperor Gaius who is known more commonly as Caligula. He ruled from AD 37-41 until he was assassinated by his palace guard.
    7.   To ‘Fay’ in boating terms is to effect the process of closely aligning boat timbers without a visible space.
    8.   The world water speed record is held by Australian Ken Warby who achieved 317.60 mph (511.13 kph) on Blowering Dam NSW on 8 October 1978. His boat is on display in ANMM Sydney.
    9.   The first vessel to enter the new Captain Cook Graving Dock at Garden Island Sydney was aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious on 2 March 1945.
    10.   Most of the national entrants for the 2012 Olympic Sailing events will be decided in the Perth (December) 2011 ISAF Sailing Worlds, which will be the principal Olympic qualification regatta.