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Behold! James Craig ReeelersBehold!

with James Craig Reeelers
With apologies to the Reeelers (sic) for being a little slow out of the blocks, the James Craig Reeelers had a launch of their own on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the launching (should that be re-launching) of the James Craig in November last year. In their unique style (described as sounding like they had been at sea for quite a while) the Reeelers, led by Jimmy Parbuckle – alias James Parbery – have put together their second CD of shanty songs and instrumentals.
The first of the CD’s nine tracks is a haunting instrumental called Cabin Boy, followed by the equally nostalgic Mingulay Boat Song. While the group really throws themselves into raucous tracks, these more melancholy tunes seem to bring out the best in them. The CD’s signature track, Behold James Craig! shows what the Reeelers were made for.
Without going too overboard, the CD cover itself is beautifully produced, with a grand photo of James Craig under full sail. And there is an equally well produced song-book inside. Well done, Jimmy and the Reeelers.
Fans can contact James Parbery by emailing <> for price and postage details.

Deadliest Catch DVDDeadliest Catch

Seasons 4 and 5
(4 DVDs each)

After the Catch

Season 4 and 5
(2 DVDs each)
Each season approx 988 minutes running time
RRP: $39.95
released through Magna Home Entertainment
Afloat’s Production Manager received these DVD collections probably in connection with the recent visit to Australia by some of the Captains of the Discovery Channel’s successful reality TV program, Deadliest Catch. I don’t have PayTV, but have caught a couple of the episodes from time to time, without taking much notice of what I was looking at.
But now, after sitting through the various episodes of Seasons 4 and 5, I can only shake my head in amazement. The lengths to which the captains and crews of the various featured fishing boats go must only be rewarded by very large pots of money. Otherwise who on earth would take on the risks.
I believe the program is up to Season 7, so there must be a significant following of fans to keep the producers interested. And I read that along the way Captain Phil Harris, one of the key boat captains, had a stroke and regrettably died during an episode.
On closer inspection, it’s a wonder that death does not follow this endeavour more often, although there appears to be a frequent letting of human blood as the men go about their business.
These earlier DVD sets continue the theme of fishermen challenging one of the earth’s most dangerous stretches of water, the Bering Sea, in the quest for red king crab and opilio crab (both species of spider crab). The work is off the scale when it comes to danger and discomfort (at least as far as I can see) but delivers huge rewards to the fishermen. The boats, skippers and crews are mightily competitive.
With four disks to a Season, there is a lot of adventure and angst to get through. The crews endure sub-zero arctic temperatures, 100kph winds whipping up massive seas, injury and sleep deprivation. And what about the camera crews – how would you like that for a job?
The stories of the catch are supplemented by the After the Catch disk collections, showing the captains and crew behind the scenes, talking about their ventures, telling tall tales and generally letting their hair down. And, of course, the directors take the opportunity to reprise the most exciting and stomach churning moments of the boats at sea.
$39.95 is not bad for hours of thrills and spills.

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