Marine Trivia Quiz 180

Compiled by Jim Broadside

1. The first Seagull outboard motor was made by:
-    The Swallow Sidecar Company at Blackpool
-    Sunbeam cars in Wolverhampton
-    Vauxhall cars in London
2. New President of the Boat Owners’ Association of NSW is:
-    Keith de Haan
-    James Craigmore
-    D’Arcy Geale
3. The RAN did not have a World War 2 Corvette named:
-    HMAS Castlemaine
-    HMAS Gladstone
-    HMAS Temora
4. To ‘stave off’ is to:
-    Dismantle a wooden barrel
-    Remove the oven from a vessel
-    Fend away a boat with a spar
 5. ‘Sternway’ is:
-    The rearward movement of a vessel
-    A companionway at the stern of a vessel
-    A concept used in assessing longitudinal balance
6. The rock known as Gibraltar stands at:
-    The eastern entrance to the Mediterranean Sea
-    The western entrance to the Mediterranean Sea
-    The southern passage to the Tyrrhenian Sea
7. To ‘grave’ a ship is to:
-    Beach and then dismantle a vessel
-    Collect large quantities of dead marine creatures
-    Burn the weed off her bottom
8. A ‘gudgeon’ is:
-    A crew member feeling resentment
-    A steel plate with an eye that holds a rudder pin
-    A person who catches fish with their hands
9. First European believed to have landed on mainland Australia was:
-    Willem Janszoon
-    Dirk Hartog
-    Vasco da Gama
10. A ‘growler’ is a:
-    Sailor complaining about conditions
-    Poorly balanced propeller shaft
-    Low floating ice chunk

Last month’s winners –  

Matthew Fisher, Brighton, NSW; Mary Stoddard, Hampton, VIC.

Answers to Quiz No 179

    1.    The 2013 America’s Cup will be conducted in September 2013 on San Francisco Bay. The defending club will be the Golden Gate Yacht Club.
    2.    SS John Oxley was built on the Clyde in Scotland and launched in 1927.
    3.    Over 90% of US Navy vessels in September 1943 during World War 2 had been built by (Andrew) Higgins Industries, New Orleans, Louisiana, a private business. They were mostly Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) and a larger version (LCM), and comprised almost 13,000 of the over 14,000 USN vessels. Eisenhower paid a high tribute to their role in the Pacific and Europe.
    4.    The vessel type for the 2013 America’s Cup will be a wing sail Catamaran designated AC72.
    5.    The first vegetables grown on Garden Island in Sydney Harbour in 1788 were onions and corn.
    6.    Drag Chains are mostly used to slow and then stop a vessel being launched. They featured in a scene filmed at Chatham Historic Dock UK, in the 2009 movie ‘Sherlock Holmes’.
    7.    The main design imperative for propellers to drive ships was that they remain submerged in heavy seas whereas side or stern wheels were placed under great strain as the vessel rolled.
    8.    The Falls of Clyde is the only surviving sail-driven oil tanker. It is an iron-hulled four-masted clipper ship launched in 1878; now a museum ship in Honolulu but in poor repair.
    9.    The new President of the Boating Industry Association of NSW is Darren Vaux of Empire Marina Bobbin Head, who follows Doug Olding.
    10.    The Murray River flows approximately from east to west.