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Afloat Xword 93

Compiled by John Gray

Afloat Crossword 93Athwart

    1.    Steamship about a trophy – valuable small food fish found along the eastern coast of the United States (5)
 4.     Used at night from a life-raft to attract attention from a rescue craft (4,5)
 8.     An adjustable screw device that controls tension on stays, shrouds and other rigging (10)
 9.     A two-masted vessel square-rigged on both fore and main masts – where the skipper puts the baddies (4)
 11.    A knob made on a rope with spun yarn or parceling to prevent a running eye from slipping (5)
 12.    Alfred with a call sign which is “A” in the phonetic alphabet (4)
 13.    The situation or term applied to a radar screen with the display orientated heading marker at the screen’s top (4,2)
 16.    A general nautical term, to what on shore would be called a staircase, was also a range-finder for a ship’s gun (6)
 17.    Strips of metal on yacht masts or booms to take slides fixed on the foot or luff of sails (6)
 22.     Alternate name for the ‘post’, which is fastened to boats’ structural members, for lifting of heavy loads (6)
 24.     Abeam sailing retaining the insignia for the Australian Maritime Safety Association (4)
 25.     World War Two Japanese vice admiral, supreme commander of the fleet at battle of Philippine Sea (5)
The action when wearing a yacht at the moment the boom of the mainsail swings across as the wind crosses the stern (4)
 29.     To work out the top teacher, on the prow of a vessel (10)
 30.     The makeshift sea anchor being a sail laced to a weighted spar (4,5)
 31.     The ‘form’ of the fore-body of a ship under the load line as it thrusts through the sea (5)


 1.     Becomes hard and embarks – on a journey, in a yacht (4,4)
 2.     United Nations on a coral outcrop with the editor, in this sailer, that has her full compliment of sail area (8)
 3.     To boot? This type of youth class, basic, car-topping one-man dinghy (5)
A process in rope-making in which the fibres are drawn through boards with prongs prior to spinning into strands (6)
 5.     The point on a radio detection finder where the signal loses volume and fades away (4)
    6.    Alcoholics anonymous rush this way to a seaport on the east coast of Jutland and after Copenhagen, Denmark’s most important port (6)
 7.     Grease mixture, for bores, or sudden flows of water up estuaries in the form of a wave (6)
 10.     Before noon the French father had a former unit used for electrical current (6)
 14.     In a warship the limits to which gun turrets or secondary batteries can be trained to (1,4)
 15.     The Jet that Samuel threw overboard to lighten his ship (6)
 18.     Device with movable cams, to help with quick control of sheets and control lines (3,5).
 19.     Maritime slang for an experienced seaman detailed to instruct youngsters in seaworthiness (3,5)
 20.     Said of a yacht that has been forced off a sand bar by the excessive use of her sails to help drive her off (6)
 21.     Surname of explorer attributed with discovering the Pacific Ocean – also port on the Panama Canal (6)
 23.     Supernatural force? – will hide one body from another (6)
 26.     Veer back to the east to run a line through a block or ring to lead it to a sail (5)
 27.     Long African river flowing from Lake Victoria, then 3,485 miles north to the Mediterranean (4)

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