New SOS 2 Person life raft for the inshore and coastal hop boaters

The new SOS 2 Person life raft caters for a large percentage of the marine market, the inshore and coastal hop boaters who usually travel solo or as a couple. Currently they are restricted to weighty 4 man rafts, which often they cannot lift in an emergency. With the advent of improved electronic safety products often rescue is only hours away, a perfect situation for the SOS Marine`s 2 Person life raft.

The SOS 2 Person Life raft is brand new and provides further safety on the coastal waterways. It weights around 8 kilos, easy to handle and stow.

The Life raft is a compact unit, (approximately the size of a case of beer) which makes it easier to handle and to be thrown (by man, women or child) in an emergency. It is packed in a high visibility orange valise also it is less expensive to maintain than conventional larger rafts.

The life raft also has the advantage of having survival assistance aids, such as, fresh water, flare kit, hand pump, signalling mirror, and two emergency space blankets, bailer and insulated floor.

The insulated floor can also work as a reflective surface for search and rescue teams. This raft has been purchased by the NSW Police Air wing to assist in their rescues.

SOS Marine are Australia`s innovators of international marine rescue equipment. SOS supplies specialised safety equipment to 12 defence forces world-wide.

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