Kurnell Kids on Cats

The small volunteer run Kurnell Catamaran Club are working hard to get more kids sailing. It is a perfect location with a wide sandy beach and little on-water traffic.

A few years ago, the club purchased several Bics and got some of the local kids sailing. This has been very successful and the kids have lots of fun and have become competitive racers.

“Kids on Cats” is another popular initiative. The senior sailors take juniors onboard their catamarans for a morning session of sailing and fun.

Last season a youth catamaran training weekend regatta was an enormous success with high profile champions coaching teenagers from all over the state.

The club has just received accreditation from Australian Sailing, so now it is a Discover Sailing Centre. Next season they will be hosting an official Learn to Sail program and Windsurfing lessons.

For details contact Arthur Gargett 0412 505 800 or go to the KCC website.

Leanne Gould
KCC Publicity officer
Photo by Arthur Gargett

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