Advanced Skipper – industry initiative to recognise and reward good skippers

If you’re reading Afloat, you’re probably one of the 2 million Australians who have a recreational boat licence. And probably have a passion both for boating, and for making boating better.

The BIA shares that passion, and has launched a new program to recognise and reward good skippers, who lead by example, brush up on the latest knowledge, and want to have a say in how boating is organised.

Advanced Skipper is a new online course, which takes you through common boating scenarios, challenges you to think beyond the rules, and learn how to handle common situations that have caused incidents.

Based on the information from safety regulators, and built with industry experts, it consists of animated scenarios built by the world’s leading online recreational course developer.

If you do this course, you brush up on knowledge, and demonstrate you are a safe pair of hands on the water – to your friends and family, and to yourself.

You also get a range of benefits. Nautilus Marine will give you 5% off new or renewed boating insurance, just for doing the course. There’s a range of other goods and service discounts, with more on the way. You’ll have special access to the BIA’s boat shows, and you’ll be consulted on boating policy and initiatives.

Advanced Skipper costs just $55, can be done in your own time online, in one session or however many it takes. You get a reminder until you’ve finished it, and then a certificate and link to discounts. And your Advanced Skipper status lasts for the next five years.

If you want to brush up, you can do it without telling anyone! Or you can buy it for a friend or family member, as a gift or as a conversation starter.

Join the community of Advanced Skippers, at, or look at a sample of the course on Youtube by searching for Advanced Skipper.

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