Marine Trivia Quiz 197

Compiled by Jim Broadside

1. The Lifesaving World Championships Rescue 2014 will be held at:
-    Montpellier and La Grande Motte, France
-    Viareggio and Naples, Italy
-    Adelaide and Port Lincoln, Australia

2. A warm front in Eastern Australia occurs when:
-    Warmer NE to NW winds flow over cooler E to SE air
-    A cool airstream meets warm air
-    Temperate westerlies meet Polar easterlies

3. The 2012 Hawkesbury River Bridge to Bridge Power Boat Race extended over:
-    122 km
-    100 km
-    112 km

4. The World Oceanman title at Rescue 2012 in Adelaide was won by:
-    Rex Beechley
-    Shannon Eckstein
-    Trevor Hendy

5. The purpose of a diamond knot is to:
-    Enable a 3-way pull
-    Prevent a rope from running through an eye
-    Produce a secure loop at the end of a line

6. To ‘break ground’ in a vessel is to:
-    Be given permission to enter a dry dock
-    Nudge a wharf, causing damage to it
-    Lift an anchor off the sea bottom

7. A ‘reckoning’ is a:
-    Stocktake of a ship’s fittings and consumables
-    List of deficiencies in a ship’s survey
-    Record of courses steered and distances travelled since the last fix

8. A ‘neap’ tide is one where:
-    High water is lower and low water higher than usual
-    Severe weather is imminent
-    The tidal flows are affected by seismic activity

9. ‘Flotsam’ and ‘jetsam’ differ mainly in that flotsam:
-    Is always floating and jetsam is found under the surface
-    Is floating goods lost overboard while jetsam covers goods thrown
-    Has known origin while jetsam has unknown origin

10. The ANMM Exhibition ‘Ships and the Sea’ highlights:
-    Modern seafaring and its industry
-    The effect of maritime operations on global warming
-    The role of the countries’ navies in maritime security


Last month’s winners –  

Abigail Cowan, Forster, NSW; Ed Swain, Paynesville, VIC.


Answers to Quiz No 196

1.    The only US warship to be named after an Australian city was USS Canberra, launched in 1943 and decommissioned in 1970. Its bell is in ANMM.

2.    The artificial harbours created off Normandy in 1944, comprising an assembly of piers and prefabricated caissons supported on pontoons, were called Mulberry and supplied the allied liberation of Northern France.

3.    An ‘open hawse’ is the condition of a ship when it has two anchors with cables not crossed. A ‘foul hawse’ is where the two cables are crossed.

4.    Newcastle Yacht Club Etchells Offshore Regatta sailed in October was won by Gen XY under Matt Chew.

5.    The Lifesaving World Championships Rescue 2012 were held in November at Adelaide Australia. Beach, National teams and Inflatable Rescue Boat events were held at Glenelg Beach while Masters, Interclub and surf boat events were at Christies Beach. Pool events were conducted at the State Aquatic Centre.

6.    Two boats are rafted when they are tied alongside each other, enabling easy transfer of people from one to the other.

7.    The ‘rake’ of a mast is its inclination from the perpendicular. The term is also applied to funnels.

8.    The International Fleet Review 2103 is intended to commemorate the first entry of the RAN’s new fleet into Sydney in 1913. It will take place in October 2013 and include at least 17 RAN vessels, about 40 visiting warships and 12 tall ships.

9.    The main purpose of a centreboard on a sailing vessel is to enhance resistance to sideways forces (leeway) by increasing the vessel’s lateral area. Raising the centreboard provides extra speed down wind.

10.   The P&O line in 2102 celebrates 175 years of service since its Royal Charter and a government contract to carry Royal Mail from UK to Spain and Portugal. An exhibition at ANMM about P&O is on display until 3 March 2013.