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Afloat Xword 110

Compiled by John Gray

Afloat Crossword 110Athwart

    1.    An explosive which breaks open and scatters the contents of chemical shells, mines, or radiation (7)
    5.    Sort rum into the beak or prow of an ancient warship (7)
    9.    To store a boat over winter or take her out of commission (3,2)
    10.    A brilliant flare which is fired from a special pistol (having the same name), fired at sea for signaling (4,5)
    11.    Surname English astronomer royal with many connections to the sea (6)
    12.    A system of communications for ships at sea other than by word of mouth or message by boats (7)
    16.    River in central England – A Celtic word meaning river (4)
    18.    To regain a yacht’s upright position after having capsized. (5)
    19.    You do this with your feet to erect a ship’s mast and set it’s rigging (4)
    20.    Circular loops, in the shrouds or stays, where they pass over the masts at the hounds (4)
    21.    The upper and lower framings, or linings of square ports, cut in ships’ sides (5)
    22.    Initially every odd ‘Wariner’ is in the Women’s Royal Naval Reserve (4)
    25.    A village on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt where Rear Admiral Nelson fought the Battle of the Nile (7)
    26.    A passage especially a contracted part of a stream lake or sea – a strait connecting two bodies of water (6)
    30.    Those tides which (twice a lunar month) will rise least and fall least from the mean tide level (4,5)
    32.    It’s not all that heavy, but it is visible electromagnetic radiation (5)
    33.    A stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current (4,3)
    34.    A piece of low-lying ice from an iceberg which has broken off the ice pack and is dark in colour (7)


    1.    A sailing term used to describe a square-rigger without her Royals set – or a fore&aft rigged ship with topmasts struck down (4,6)
    2.    Name for the sail set next above the topgallant-sail in a square-rigged ship, generally the fourth sail in ascending order from the deck (5)
    3.    What the glass face of an aneroid barometer has done to it, before you make a reading? (6)
    4.    To pass a rope through an eye: or to draw into a thread or ravel out the fibre of a rope (4)
    5.    Every second one of the ‘Briners’ is in the Royal Naval Reserve (3)
    6.    A heading of South has ‘a line’ which in effect is very salty (6)
    7.    A control that maintains a steady speed in a machine (as by controlling the supply of fuel) (9)
    8.    My pal has a rank in the merchant marine next below that of master (4)
    13.    A ‘type’ of mounting used in fixing a transducer within the boat as opposed to a through hull fixing (2,4)
    14.    A string of islands in the north-western Bahamas containing many yachting harbours (6)
    15.    Another word applied to the breakwater on a ship’s forecastle (5,5)
    17.    A general term – from onboard a yacht and into the water (9)
    23.    The operation of assembling the crew on deck and calling through a list of the ship’s compliment (6)
    24.    Little Alan has coal all around him in the principal seaport of Peru, about 8 miles west of the capital Lima (6)
    27.    A curved metal fitting set above a side scuttle to stop sea water from entering the scuttle (5)
    28.    A measure of boat speed equal to 1 nautical mile per hour (4)
    29.    Acronym for the United States Coast Guard (4)
    31.    An allowance in the horizon to be considered when making astronomical observations (3)


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