Marine Trivia Quiz 189

Compiled by Jim Broadside

1. A ‘Umiak’ is a kayak:
-    Made entirely by Eskimos
-    Built for two people
-    Paddled by a woman

2. A vessel is ‘well found’ when she:
-    Is fully equipped and ready for operation
-    Has a vertical conduit though which bilge suction pipes pass
-    Is located after being declared missing

3. The only alphabetical flags of one colour are:
-    B & U
-    H & Q
-    B & Q

4. Victor Hugo in 1866 said ‘the soul of a ship’ was its:
-    Crew
-    Figurehead
-    Compass

5. The North mark on a gyro compass points to:
-    Magnetic North
-    True North
-    Grid North
6. The remaining vessel that took troops to the Crimean War and convicts to Australia is:
-    Sailing Ship Edwin Fox
-    Clipper ship City of Adelaide
-    Sailing Ship Havering

7. The replica of HMB Endeavour will voyage to Lord Howe Island to support:
-    Return of Melbourne-bred Lowe Howe Island stick insects (‘land lobsters’)
-    Observation of the Transit of Venus
-    Commemoration of its first reported sighting from HMS Supply in 1788.

8. The left side of vessel facing forward was first designated:
-    Muscat
-    Larboard
-    Starboard

9. The RAN’s newest survey vessels are:
-    HMAS Paluma and Mermaid
-    HMAS Shepparton and Benalla
-    HMAS Melville and Leeuwin

10. The 2012 International One Metre Radio Controlled Yachts Championship was won by:
-   Paul Jones (NSW)
-    Michael Grieve (Queensland)
-    Graham Howie (WA)


Last month’s winners –  

Joe Gotch, Tweed Heads, NSW;   Dylan Sharp, Cammeray, NSW.


Answers to Quiz No 188

    1.    Of the three new class of White Star liners, RMS Titanic was the second. The first was Olympic and the third Britannic (initially named Gigantic).

    2.    The replica of HMB Endeavour is expected to return to Sydney on 21 May 2102 after circumnavigating Australia.

    3.    Recreational vessels on Sydney Harbour are required to stay at least 500 metres distance from seagoing ships.

    4.    ‘Couta boats’ are named after the barracouta fishermen of Victoria who needed to land their catch quickly to secure the best mooring and product prices.

    5.    Winners of the Flying Fifteen Open Championship held in WA in January were Steve Goacher (UK) and Matt Owen (ACT) in Freshwater 2.

    6.    RMS Titanic had two reciprocating 4-cylinder triple expansion steam engines and one low pressure turbine, with each engine driving its own propeller. The vessel carried over 6,600 tons of coal, used 600 tons per day and employed 176 firemen.

    7.    The Bremen Cog was sunk around 1380 in the Weser River, Port of Bremen. It was preserved in mud, raised in fragments in the 1960s, reassembled over almost 20 years and is now a superb example of an early cargo vessel.

    8.    A ‘Flinders’ Bar’ is a soft iron rod placed vertically next to a ship’s compass to offset magnetic deviation caused by the vessel’s metal content.

    9.    A ‘Fiddley’ is a raised deck grating to allow engine and boiler fumes to escape. They are made watertight with tarpaulins secured by battens.

    10.    Matthew Flinders’ incarceration on Mauritius was extended (at great cost to his health) because he rudely refused an invitation to discuss his situation with French Governor General Decaen over dinner.