Afloat Xword 102

Compiled by John Gray

Afloat Crossword 102Athwart

    1.    The act of hauling the head-sheets to windward and laying head-yards flat aback to pay the ship’s head out of the wind when tacking (3,3)
    4.     Name given to maritime coal depots used for loading vessels with coal (8)
    9.     An olden term to describe that part of the ship’s company who formed the ‘Port’ or Larboard watch (10)
    10.     An acronym for the United States Sailing Association (4)
    12.     Turns out a thorny casia tree is English mathematician and physicist Sir . . . . . Newton (5)
    13.    Hoists a vessels sails – or adjusts the yachts rigging and sails (4)
    14.    The name given to the prevailing wind from the northwest in the Persian Gulf – it will lash around about the first and second of May (6)
    17.     Planks which are slung over the sides of ships on which the crews sit to repair or paint the hulls (6)
    18.     A person who salvages a stricken vessel and her cargo (6)
    22.     Surname of Norwegian whaler who was primarily responsible for opening up the first land-based whaling industry (6)
    24.     A small hand capstan, but without a drumhead, with its bars inserted right through the barrel (4)
    26.     To bind two ropes together with small light line (5)
    29.     A U-shaped fitting on the main boom to which blocks are attached (4)
    30.     An area of low barometric pressure usually associated with poor weather (10)
    31.     Meetings organised for boat races or rowing races (8)
    32.     Maritime term that means – a sailor quickly lowers his sail (6)


    1.     Additional weights carried by vessels for stability, and satisfactory trim fore and aft (8)
    2.     The official description of the British midget submarines of the Second World War (1,5)
    3.     Sailing term to describe what a sail does when it flaps or whips in the wind (5)
    5.     Very large marine food and game fish of the genus Thunnus; related to mackerel; chiefly of warm waters (4)
    6.     A creek in Portsmouth Harbour boasting a naval hospital originally largest naval hospital in the world (6)
    7.     Name for a block which is hinged at the neck so as to be readily opened to put a line over the sheave (6)
    8.     A knot that works by jamming under load and is easily undone (5)
    11.     A bad smell about 29 across oddly in one of the major seaports of Spain, on the coast of the Bay of Biscay (6)
    15.     Constellation ‘The Ram’ used in navigation (5)
    16.     A mariner, or a ship, involved in the hunting of sea mammals (6)
    19.     Long flexible strips bolted to the ribs of a vessel to hold them in place prior to them being planked (8)
    20.     A line joining points of equal atmospheric pressure (6)
    21.     A Scandinavian warrior and sea rover who harassed the coasts of Europe from the 8th to 10th centuries (6)
    23.     Acronym for an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, used by search-and-rescue services (5)
    25.     Repairs or reconditions a vessel and makes her seaworthy (6)
    27.    Initially cleats and studs come out in a flat-bottomed square-ended boat of the Philippine Islands used for ferrying cargo from ship to shore (5)
    28.     These radiation particles are electrons – also means second in order of importance (4)

Solution to Crossword 102