Marine Trivia Quiz 187

Compiled by Jim Broadside

1.    The Official Time Zone for outer space is:
-    Greenwich Mean Time
-    Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time
-    South Eastern USA Standard Time
2.    The number of Victoria Crosses awarded to members of the RAN is:
-    Three
-    None
-    Two
3.    The liner Costa Concordia was built in:
-    Italy
-    Denmark
-    Scotland
4.    The Collins Class Submarines were named after:
-    Vice Admiral Sir John A Collins
-    Admiral Sir Richard Collinson
-    Captain Greenville Collins
5.    The lowest rated British warships in the  days of sail were:
-    Sixth Raters
-    Sloops
-    Brigs
6.    A Ground-Effect Vehicle is one which:
-    Is airborne but flies low over the sea
-    Sits on a thin cushion of air above water, driven by large fans
-    Has an amphibious capacity
7.    A ‘fluke’ in relation to an anchor is:
-    The accidental severance of the cable
-    When the winch starts at first attempt
-    A triangular projection at the end of each arm
8.    The 2013 International Dragon Class Prince Phillip Cup will be:
-    Deferred until 2014
-    Held in NSW
-    Held on the Derwent River, Hobart
9.    The Jules Verne Trophy may be contested by:
-    Any type of yacht
-    Catamarans
-    Trimarans
10.    In the more than 12 years to 1 December 2011, the number of people fatally injured in NSW boating accidents not wearing lifejackets was:
-    206 of the 221 fatally injured
-    110 of the 221 fatally injured
-    unknown

Last month’s winners –  

Trevor Whittle, Dalkeith, WA; George Meredith, Gordon, NSW.


Answers to Quiz No 186

    1.    The ‘squat effect’ is a lesser than expected keel clearance when travelling at speed in shallows. It has caused groundings but also allows vessels to reduce their effective height.
    2.    The yacht Jessica Watson skippered in the 2011 Sydney-Hobart Race was a Sydney 38 named Ella Bache. It had the youngest ever crew in the Race, and came second in the eight-boat Sydney 38 One design Division.
    3.    The December 2011 ISAF worlds in Perth saw 1,100 athletes from 79 countries contest 10 Olympic sailing classes.
    4.    ANMM’s new Director from mid-February will be Kevin Sumption, who has been Director of Exhibitions and Programs, National Maritime Museum & Royal Observatory (UK).
    5.    The US Coast Guard has increased average assumed weight per ferry passenger from 72.6kg (160 pounds) to 83.0kg (185 pounds); the lower weight was set about 50 years ago.
    6.    ANMM’s public research library is named after the late Vaughan Evans OAM (1924-1993) who was a founding patron of the library and well known in maritime history circles.
    7.    The Indonesian Spice Islands’ rarest and most in demand products were cloves and nutmeg.
    8.    Winner of 2011 Frank Broeze Memorial Maritime History Prize was Iain McCalman for ‘Darwin’s Armada- How four voyagers to Australasia won the battle for evolution and changed the world’
    9.    Robert Miller (1936-1988) is better known as Ben Lexcen, who designed the winged keel for Australia II, which won the America’s Cup in 1983.
    10.    The RAN’s latest vessel HMAS Choules is a versatile Bay Class Landing Ship Dock of 16,190 tonnes, named after Australia’s longest surviving World War One veteran, Chief Petty Officer Claude Choules.