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Afloat Xword 100

Compiled by John Gray

Afloat Crossword 100Athwart

    1.    Being in the shape of a boat, or pertaining to a boat (9)
    6.    Any shallow areas with sufficient waters to navigate, as opposed to reefs or shoals (5)
    9.    At right angles to the fore-and-aft line of the boat – a column of light (as from a beacon) (5)
    10.    Originally the name given to a wooden rod fixed to a yoke on the rudder of a vessel, used for steering (9)
    11.    Specially designed fishing vessels employed in catching bottom-dwelling fish (8)
    12.    To capsize a yacht and have her trapped by air under the hull, forming a seal with the water (6)
    13.    Name for a devil fish, also the angelfish (3,5)
    15.    I left the music arrangement for the United States Marine Corps (4)
    18.    Supplies one’s ship with artillery capabilities (4)
    20.    The name of the sails which were set next above the royals, in square-rigged ships, sixth sail in ascending order from the deck (3,5)
    24.    Single-handed training boat, sail area 3.25sqm length 2.4m. Is also very small European freshwater fish common in gravelly streams (6)
   25.     A number of small men-o-war under one command. not used in the fleet (8)
   27.     The compass point between the north and east, at an equal distance from each at 45 degrees (9)
   28.     Name for the northern constellation: ‘The Dragon’, its alpha star Thuban was the pole star in ancient times (5)
   29.     One of the several species of fishes, allied to the spotted trout and salmon, inhabiting deep lakes in mountainous regions in Europe – In the United States, known as the brook trout (5)
   30.     Units that are fitted to larger vessels such as ferries to facilitate their manoeuvrings when berthing or unberthing (9)


    1.    An old expression to describe the shore, where deep water exists right up to the shoreline (4,2)
    2.    Two crew restricted development dinghies sail area 10sqm. Weight 40.8kg. Beam 1.06m. Spinnaker 4.1 sqm. (7)
    3.    Device with movable cams, to help with quick control of sheets and control lines (3,5)
    4.    Term for the deck of a ship next above the orlop deck – where the ship’s ratings belonged (5,4)
    5.    The stout, narrow plank that forms the top of the ship’s bulwarks. (4)
    6.    Land-locked bays, which have good anchorages, you often find them in the galley? (6)
    7.    Sailors’ nickname for rums containing no additives is strangely in earnest (7)
    8.    Maritime vernacular for bread, as opposed to ‘hard tack’ (4,4)
    14.    A material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity (9)
    16.    A pendulum moves with simple .... motion – as a sound or chord is made by plucking a guitar or violin string (8)
    17.    Waters that are agitated and made dangerous to small craft, by conflicting tides and currents (3,5)
    19.    The Greek goddess of wisdom and war, and who was the patroness of shipbuilding, also called Athena (7)
    21.    The saving of a ship and her cargo when she is lost at sea (7)
    22.    A ‘coracle’, shaped like a cauldron, made of dried weeds, coated with bitumen, from the River Tigris (6)
    23.    Waterways or canals – swampy arm or slow-moving outlets of a lake, (is a term used mainly in Mississippi and Louisiana) (6)
    26.    A blend of teas from the Orient, which comes from the west – is also a cardinal compass point 90 degrees off the starboard beam when bearing north (4) 


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