Marine Trivia Quiz 185

Compiled by Jim Broadside

1. The wrecks of Sir Francis Drake’s last ships:
-    Are thought to have been found off Panama
-    Were identified near Tortola
-    Have never been located
2. President Obama recently visited a memorial in Darwin to:
-    Those lost in the Darwin air raids of 1942
-    Australian/US cooperation in World War 2
-    Those lost in the sinking of the USS Peary
3. The purpose of ballast tanks in submarines is to:
-    Provide stability in heavy seas while surfaced
-    Destroy or restore positive buoyancy
-    Provide protection from enemy fire
4. A ‘bolt-rope’ is one:
-    Sewn on the edges of sails to prevent fraying
-    With a weight tied at one end to assist throwing
-    Used when a vessel is moored stern-in to a dock
5. The Australian National Maritime Museum:
-    Is one of three federal museums outside Canberra
-    Is the only Commonwealth operated museum outside the ACT
-    Is managed by the Department of Prime Minster and Cabinet
6. A Seamen’s astrolabe was used for:
-    Measuring horizontal angles
-    Measuring the altitude of the sun or a star
-    Shielding an exposed compass in heavy seas
7. A ‘Pelorus’ is a:
-    Confusion in sail hoisting caused by shifting winds
-    Series of blisters from handling natural fibre rope
-    Ring with sighting vanes, fitted to a compass bowl
8. First international 2011 ISAF Worlds contestants to arrive in Perth were:
-    From Great Britain
-    From Japan
-    From the USA
9. The two shortest boats entered for the 2011 Rolex Sydney Hobart were:
-    Not Negotiable and Katinka
-    Maluka of Kermandie and Illusion
-    Midnight Rambler and Nutcracker
10. The Australian area’s average season number of tropical cyclones is:
-    8
-    10
-    12


Last month’s winners –  

Jack Salisbury, Alexandra Headland, QLD; Laura Mason, O’Sullivan Beach, SA.


Answers to Quiz No 184

    1.    The wreck of First Fleet Flagship HMS Sirius has been added to the Australian National Heritage List as the 97th place.
    2.    The Puffin Bird is found only in northern climes and can swim underwater using its wings for propulsion and feet as a rudder.
    3.    The James Bond film in which two nuclear submarines disappeared is ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’. ‘Skyfall’ is still in the planning stages.
    4.    Goat Island in Sydney Harbour was used first as a sandstone quarry in 1831. It is the largest island in Sydney Harbour.
    5.    The 12-race World Tasar Championships held in Torquay, Devon, England were won by Paul and Bronwyn Ridgway of the Sandringham Yacht Club, Victoria.
    6.    Australia’s highest single drop waterfall is Wallaman Falls, in the Girringun National Park, Queensland at 268m.
    7.    RAN vessel nicknamed HMAS Long Delayed was Town Class cruiser HMAS Adelaide, laid down at Cockatoo Island in November 1917 and launched in eight months. After delays with turbine forgings, she was commissioned in August 1922 but gave distinguished service in WW2, and sunk German Blockade runner Ramses in the Southern Indian Ocean.
    8.    The Japanese submarine sunk with all hands on 20 January 1942 off Darwin by Corvette HMAS Deloraine was I-124. It was declared a protected historic shipwreck by the Australian Government in 1977.
    9.    The magnetic compass card is divided into 32 points each of 11 deg 15 minutes. There are 360 degrees or 6,400 mils in a circle.
    10.    To ‘snub’ is to stop a vessel by letting go the anchor. A line running out may also be ‘snubbed’ by a quick turn around bollards.