AfloatAfloat Xword 98

Compiled by John Gray


Afloat Crossword 98Athwart

1.    The packing away of a sails or rudders etc. into their required positions after sailing (7)
5.    Three-man one-design keelboat, Olympic class, and length overall 8.20 m. spinnaker large and small (6)
9.    The forward part of the cabin space – in olden days under the poop deck. Footballers have ’em! (5)
10.    A large port cut in the side of a ship, through which sailors entered on board ship (5,4)
11.    What you should do to the bottom and sides of storage batteries when installing them on a boat? (8)
12.    Sailing term for a yacht which has a strong wind nearly ahead, and she has a small sail area hoisted (4,2)
13.    Name of sandbank at the mouth of the River Thames lying off entrance to the River Medway (4)
15.    The International Maritime Phonetic Alphabet ‘figure code word’ used for the figure ‘8’ (9)
18.    The nearest spiral galaxy to our solar system. A large and important northern constellation, containing the great spiral M 31, one of its leading stars Alpheratz is a member of the Square of Pegasus (9)
19.    Sailing term – to secure a sail (which may later be required for use) with a light turn of spun yarn (4)
22.    A spying glass – or a chicken that has just broken his egg-shell (6)
23.    A strong, raw wind from the east or northeast that blows in the Mediterranean could be relevant (8)
26.    Set extra sails to press the vessel faster and faster (5,4)
27.    To jam the fall of a block in its swallow (5)
28.    A long, coloured streamer flown from mastheads or yardarms of warships on official state occasions (6)
29.    Those seamen who take over from other sailors’ tricks, watches, or tours of duty (7)

1.    What resulting force does a sinking vessel initiate? (7)
2.    Distributed world wide, scaleless fishes similar to sunfish, often called ‘moonfish’, growing to 227kg (5)
3.    A ‘type’ of mounting used in fixing a transducer within the boat as opposed to a ‘through hull’ fitting (2,4)
4.    A rope thrown to a boat from a ship, either to tow her or make her fast alongside (5,4)
5.    Equips with sails or masts; ‘rigs a ship’ - hoists a vessel’s sails (4)
6.     In yacht racing the lines along which close-hauling yachts would have to sail to round a mark (3,5)
7.    The sextant sighting taken to establish the highest point through which the sun passes at midday (4,5)
8.    General recognised term for a Torpedo Patrol Boat (2,4)
14.    Either one of a pair of lifelines that run alongside the bowsprit of a ship (5,4)
16.     A sliding device to control the athwartship position of a sail, usually the mainsail (9)
17.    The Greek god and ruler of the sea known to the Romans as Neptune (8)
18.    Prefix to the word ‘ratio’ which signifies the ratio between the length of the luff and the foot of a yacht’s mainsail (6)
20.    Attendants employed to carry passengers’ luggage to staterooms or cabins etc. (7)
21.    To wind strips of waterproofing around a rope after it has been wormed before it is served (6)
24.    A wooden brace for an oar set in a boat’s gunwale (5)
25.    Descriptive for anything connected to the mainsail or the mainmast (4)


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