Afloat Xword 99

Compiled by John Gray

Afloat Crossword 99Athwart

    5.    A county in the SE of England, between Suffolk on the N and Kent in the S, faces the German Ocean on the E (5)
    8.    Depth contours – or lines on charts indicating points of equal depths (8)
10.    The capital of Malta; is also it’s main deep‑water harbour (7)
11.    A city and seaport of France on the Mediterranean coast and also the largest French port (10)
12.    Name given a ‘knot’ which prevents it from going through an eye, fitting or block (7)
13.    Roman god, identified with Poseidon, god of the sea (7)
14.    To leave with the ship’s crew taking to the boats and life rafts (7)
17.    What a mariner does, as he winds strips of waterproofing around a rope, after worming and before serving it (7)
23.    A term used when stowing casks in the hold of a ship when laid athwartships in line with the deck beams (7)
24.    A choker used on a spinnaker to pull down on the windward luff when it falls in (7)
26.    A peculiar star embedded in the heart of the Carina Nebula, possibly the most luminous and most massive star known – it’s off beam to ‘eat in a race’ (3,7)
27.    Two concentric metal rings that form mountings for compasses and chronometers aboard ship (7)
28.    An older boy who is trained in seamanship and water activities (3,5).
29.    Perhaps to measure the weight of the anchor when you lift it? (5)


    1.    First part of name of masthead ‘shrouds’, which are stays for a Bermuda rig, made of steel wire, carried in pairs over struts to a lower position on the mast (7)
    2.    Maritime term for the rope that prevents a towline from running abeam of the tug (3,4)
    3.    The French word for boats – light riverboats used on the Great Lakes (7)
    4.    Sand banks in the sea, or rocks, or ledges of rocks, rendering the waters shallow, and dangerous to ships (7)
    6.    The maritime term that was used for the act of washing and reducing the salt content of salt preserved ship’s stores (8)
    7.    A depot or storehouse where cargoes are brought for distribution to other parts of the world (8)
    9.    To bring the bows of a sailer to the required tack when weighing anchor by hauling on the sheet of a headsail allowing the wind to ‘point’ the bows (4)
10.    The third largest asteroid from a waistcoat with Australia’s first (5)
15.    An edible fish, is similar to, and a variety of bream (8)
16.    A bag kept on board ship where sailor’s gear left lying about was collected, and a fine paid for its return (5,3)
18.    They are stars somehow – battery powered radar portable detectors and position finding units (5)
19.    Covers that are used over openings in the deck helps in raising chickens (7)
20.    When the upper rim of the sun is just visible on the eastern horizon (7)
21.    Maritime term meaning to keep on in the same direction, course and speed (5,2)
22.    What a mariner does to a yacht when he capsizes her and traps air under her hull, forming a water seal (7)
25.    Only steel stays can contain slippery fish (4)

Solution to Afloat Crossword 99