Marine Trivia Quiz 188

Compiled by Jim Broadside

1.    Of the new class of White Star Liners, RMS Titanic was the:
-    First
-    Second
-    Third

2.    The replica of HMB Endeavour is expected to return to Sydney on:
-    12 May 2012
-    21 May
-    31 May

3.    Recreational vessels on Sydney Harbour are required to stay:
-    At least 200 metres ahead of seagoing ships
-    At least 500m distance from seagoing ships
-    Any distance provided they can see the ship’s bridge

4.    ‘Couta’ boats are named after the:
-    Couturier Guild of SA, which included keen yacht owners
-    ‘Couth Youth’ Sailing Club (Queensland) which designed them
-    Barracouta fishermen of Victoria

5.    Winners of the Flying Fifteen Open Championship held in WA in January were:
-    Mike Hart and Richard Rigg in Absolutely Fabulous
-    Steve Goacher and Matt Owen in Freshwater 2
-    Greg Howell and Leanne Howell in Enuff Rope

6.    RMS Titanic had:
-    Three reciprocating steam engines
-    Two reciprocating steam engines and one turbine
-    Two low pressure turbines and one reciprocating steam engine

7.    The ‘Bremen Cog’ is the:
-    Driving cogwheel impaired by ion particle radiation
-    Most junior officer in a submarine
-    Cargo vessel sunk in the Weser River, Germany

8.    A ‘Flinders’ Bar’ is a:
-    Soft iron rod that offsets the effect on a ship’s compass of nearby metal
-    Servery for alcohol where no actual counter has been set up
-    Counter where sailors in brigs would drink tea and coffee

9.    A ‘Fiddley’ is a:
-    Pair of shears on a long pole to sever lines out of reach
-    Raised deck grating that allows engine and boiler fumes to escape
-    Figure of eight manoeuvre used in Dragon Boat races

10.    Matthew Flinders’ incarceration on Mauritius was extended because he:
-    Refused an invitation to dinner
-    Insulted the daughter of the French Governor
-    Tried to escape in a stolen French yawl


Last month’s winners –  

George Blundstone, Hastings, VIC; Austin Brown, Concord, NSW.


Answers to Quiz No 187

    1.    The official time zone used by astronauts is Greenwich Mean Time.

    2.    No Victoria Crosses have been awarded to members of the RAN. An inquiry into unresolved recognition that may correct this curious situation is under way.

    3.    The Italian Liner Costa Concordia was built in Genoa, Italy at a cost of $570m. She was launched in 2005.

    4.    The Collins Class Submarines were named after Vice Admiral Sir John A Collins KBE, CB who after distinguished WW2 service became Chief of Naval Staff.

    5.    The lowest rated British warships of the line in the days of sail were Brigs which typically had a complement of 80-120 sailors and 28 cannon. Next highest were sloops with 120+ men and 22 cannon; then Sixth-Raters (Frigates) with 140-200 men and 20-28 cannon.

    6.    A Ground-Effect Vehicle has a hull shaped body and aircraft-like wings that create a lift so the vehicle can fly low over water at high speed with heavy loads.

    7.    A ‘fluke’ in relation to an anchor is a triangular projection at the end of each arm that provides a grip on the seabed.

    8.    The 2013 International Dragon Class Prince Phillip Cup will be held in NSW at a venue to be finalised

    9.    The Jules Verne Trophy for the fastest circumnavigation of the world is open to any type of yacht, but all contestants so far have been Trimarans or Catamarans.

    10.    In the more than 12 years to 1 December 2011, the number of people fatally injured in NSW boating accidents who were not wearing lifejackets, was 206 (93.2%) of the 221 killed.