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Afloat Xword 101

Compiled by John Gray

Afloat Crossword 101 


    1.    Not down and feeling good about this flow of water from a depth toward the surface (6)
    4.    A small jib set on rigging behind the forestay (8)
    8.    Magical incantations which relieve a mariner of his duties for a short while (6)
    9.    A seaman’s colloquial term for his times spent at the wheel or his watches etc. (6)
    10.    Rest this way in the middle of ‘an’ area directly behind your yacht (6)
    12.    The lower part of a transverse frame of a ship, running each side of the keelson to the bilges (5)
    15.     The forward part of the sail between the head and the tack (4)
    16.    Pieces of timber bolted to the hounds of a mast of square-riggers to support the trestle-trees (5)
    17.    In days of sail the name given to a ship’s member who did not stand normal watches – cooks etc. (5)
    19.    Name of a very popular basic, general purpose, sailing dinghy, one design dinghy, two crew (5)
    20.    To flap or whip in the wind, as a sail might (4)
    23.    An Australian seafood and common fishing bait (5)
    24.    One of the projections from the rim of a ship’s wheel by which it is turned (6)
    28.    An American soldier around an Aussie town, in a traditional sail-trading vessel of the upper Nile which has a large lateen sail twice as long as its mast (6)
    29.    The largest island of the Society group, its capital Papeete (6)
    30.    Wooden pegs that are used to fasten timbers in shipbuilding; water causes the pegs to swell and hold the timbers fast (9)
    31.    The after or rear end of a ship or other vessel, or of a boat (5)



     1.    Said of a ship when she is top-heavy and so unable to recover when heeled over by wind or sea (8)
     2.    The bird I know who is a member of the Women’s Royal Naval Service (4)
    3.    Said of a yacht which is unstable in the water and which is lying at an angle, unable to hold an upright position (5)
     4.    Metal fixtures down from bowsprit caps, to tension martingale stays, also attached to chain bobstays (6)
     5.    Superior skills that you can learn by study and practice and observation (4)
     6.    On large anchored ships, a bell near the bows, which is tolled at regular intervals during fog (6,4)
     7.     Sailing class boats, Olympic one design single handers, with sail area 7.06sqm. (6)
    11.    Hauling another’s vessel by the means of a hawser (6)
    13.    A fitting attached with an outboard motor, at the back of a vessel that assists in trimming the craft (5,5)
    14.    Having sailed to a foreign country overseas (6)
    18.    In a petrol engine another name for the power stroke is what? (8)
    21.    A plug or faucet for the bunghole of a cask (6)
    22.    A small lateen-rigged vessel of the Mediterranean with two masts, used for small cargoes (6)
    25.    Term for marks used in channels and at bar entrances, when in line indicate centres of navigable channels (5)
    26.    The call sign for ‘L’ in the Phonetic Alphabet in Peru perhaps? (4)
    27.    What a ship is said ‘to do’, in reference to her anchor, when it is on the bottom and is holding her steady (4) 


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