Australia Day 2011 on Sydney Harbour program of eventsAustralia Day afloat

A comprehensive program of aquatic events is again planned by the Australia Day Council of NSW for Wednesday 26 January around waterways state-wide, including a busy schedule on Sydney Harbour.
The program includes the world’s oldest continuously conducted annual sailing event – the 175th Australia Day Regatta – helicopter search and rescue displays and F/A-18 jet flyover, Ferrython, Parade Down the Harbour led by tall ships, best-dressed vessel competition, jazz concert and fireworks display.
In the interests of safe and enjoyable boating for everyone afloat, NSW Maritime will be implementing exclusion zones and other navigation restrictions. For more information about the day’s events and advice for spectators and participants, grab a copy of Sydney’s Summer Aquatic Events 2010-2011, a free booklet from NSW Maritime, also available online at

Tom Carroll and Kylie Elmers, safety ambassadors for the new Ride Right PWC campaign.‘Ride Right’ PWC Safety Campaign

NSW Maritime has launched a new personal watercraft education package to promote safety and reduce anti-social behaviour.
The ‘Ride Right’ safety package includes a DVD, mobile phone pouch, new behaviour sticker that must be attached to all PWC, comprehensive handbook, a pamphlet and website outlining safety requirements.
Featured in the new DVD and safety publications are two-time world surfing champion Tom Carroll and four-time world PWC champion Kylie Ellmers, who are safety ambassadors for Ride Right.
Tom Carroll also features as safety ambassador for the Boat for Life website, which has new content devoted to personal watercraft. Carroll uses a PWC for tow-in surfing with his Storm Surfers team, taking on huge waves in some of the most remote places on earth.
“PWCs are awesome craft and make it possible to catch waves we have never ridden before, but you need to know what you are doing and ride right,” Carroll said.
While Kylie is at the pinnacle of the sport, winning her fourth PWC title recently in the USA.
“PWCs are not just another toy … they are a powerboat, just smaller, and you need to know the rules for safe use,” she said.
The Ride Right safety education package was made in consultation with industry and stakeholders in a bid to improve the culture of safe behaviour on NSW waterways. It recognises that while the majority of PWC riders are law abiding, a minority have caused community concern through anti-social behaviour.
The short film on DVD, safety handbook and new behaviour label are being sent direct to more than 40,000 people in NSW who hold a licence to ride a PWC. The safety flier will be included in renewals to all PWC licence holders, the DVD will be available from PWC retail outlets and NSW Maritime offices.
NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers are conducting random safety checks of PWCs this summer and handing out free waterproof mobile phone pouches to riders. These pouches also have a spot to carry a licence card and have a reminder of key safety messages which include:
• Carry your PWC licence
• Wear a lifejacket
• Observe restriction zones
• Obey speed restrictions
• Stay under 10 knots near people, vessels or shore
• Keep safe, stay right.
For more information, go to and