Marine Trivia Quiz 173

Compiled by Jim Broadside

1. Tasmania was proven to be an island by:
-   Matthew Flinders and George Bass in 1799
-   Captain Nicolas Baudin in 1800
-   Charles Darwin in 1832
2. The words to ‘A Life on the Ocean Wave’ were written by:
-   Emma Lazarus
-   Stephen Foster
-   Epes Sargent
3. When nominations closed, the number of 2010 Sydney-Hobart yacht race entrants was:
-   98   
-   102
-   106
4. The Optimist sailing dinghy was designed by:
-   Dane Axel Damsgaard in 1960
-   American Clark Mills in 1947
-   Australian Alan Payne in 1975
5. Winner of the International Dragon NSW championship held by RSYS in early  November was:
-   Gordon Ingate in Whim
-   Matt Whitnall in Taranui
-   Andrew York in Wizzardry
6. The world’s first warship to be ordered as a helicopter carrier was:
-   US Iwo Jima class assault helicopter carrier
-   The French navy’s Jeanne d’Arc
-   USN Thetis Bay
7. The boat in which Kay Cottee circled the world in 1987/88 was:
-   Blackmore’s First Lady
-   Cinnamon Scrub
-   Wayfarer V
8. Cartography is the practice of:
-   Projecting an area of the earth’s surface to a flat plane
-   Delivering cargo into a ship’s hold
-   Wheeling luggage into a vessel from a wharf
9. The January 2011 RPAYC Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race is the:
-   28th
-   30th
-   31st
10. The ‘dog watch’ exists because:
-   Those on duty can observe the ‘Dog Star’ Sirius
-   Those undergoing it are ‘dodging’ half a normal watch length
-   There must be an odd number of watches so the crew can rotate

Last month’s winners –  

Darren Gibson, Kiama, NSW; Angus Hart, Paynesville, VIC.

Answers to Quiz No 172

    1.   The Murray Cod is subject to a closed fishing season from September to November.
    2.   The Murray River is over 2600 km long. The length adjacent to the NSW-Victoria border is entirely in NSW and subject to NSW Maritime jurisdiction. The western 600km is in South Australia.
    3.   The biggest highlight for children at the 2010 Mandurah boat show in WA was seeing Jolly Jim the Pirate live on stage.
    4.   The 2010 Rolex Sydney to Hobart race will see the presence as a crew member on British entrant Titania of Cowes of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.
    5.   The Mary Celeste, found abandoned on 5 December 1872 was a US owned brigantine. She was built in Canada.
    6.   For geographic purposes, there are five oceans and numerous seas. The oceans are the Antarctic, Arctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific.
    7.   A ‘parhelion’ is one or two luminous spots that appear next to the sun; caused by the refraction of light in ice crystals.
    8.   The main feature of the dreadnought battleships was to have large guns of uniform calibre to avoid confusion in ranging caused by different calibre shells.
    9.   The most recently commissioned ship (22 February 2008) in the RAN is HMAS Glenelg, Armidale Class Patrol Boat. HMAS Adelaide III is due to be commissioned in 2015. HMAS Tobruk was commissioned in 1981.
    10.   ‘Yaw’ is the effect on a ship’s course from a following or unanticipated wind or sea, when the effect of the rudder is reduced.