Afloat Xword 86

Compiled by John Gray

AFLOAT Crossword 86Athwart

    1.    Term for a common twist around a spar associated with two half hitches, often used when attaching a boat’s painter (5,4)    6.    Fleet formations used by warships for cruising or battle, following each other’s wake (5)
    9.    The first of high tides from fathoms can be nautical term for the white crests of breaking waves (5)
10.     Term used to describe the method of reeving a tackle to gain the maximum use of power (9).
11.     Small fin-like fittings on outboard motors, to compensate for steering torques (4,4)
12.     Turn upside down. To capsize a yacht and have her trapped by air under the hull, forming a seal with the water (6)
13.     Ropes or cords used to secure sails after they have been bundled and neatly folded (4,4)
15.     Within every second of the “quasi young” is the United States Yachtsmen’s Union (4)
18.     To trim (a yard) so that the wind shall blow on the after side of the sails (4)
20.     The long cylindrical pin of oak used in securing the planks of wooden ship’s sides to her timbers (4,4)
24.   A canvas canopy spread out over a deck for protection against the sun (6)
25.   South west area of the Pacific Ocean east of Australia and New Guinea (5,3)
27.   A yachting and shipbuilding seaport, on the west bank of the Dart Estuary, 30 mile east of Plymouth (9)
28.   Alternate name for ‘Hadar’. The star beta centauri, in constellation Centaurus (5)
29.     A high strength synthetic fibre used in rope making (5)
    30.    Any of several small gregarious cetacean mammals having blunt snouts and many teeth; eg dolphins (9)
    1.    Repairs or reconditions a vessel and therefore makes her seaworthy (6)
    2.   US Grain can be carried on regular rigs of Cape Cod catboats, with large gaff and boom mainsail, no headsails, and stem-stepped mast (3,4)
    3.   Astronomers term for the (type of tail), which shines by reflecting sunlight off small trailing particles, being one of two types of tail comets develop as they approach the Sun (4,4)
    4.    Alan Turbo was around in the National Capital and largest city of Mongolia (4,5)
    5.    The shipping of a nation that is devoted to the protection of its constituents (4)
    6.   The southern oscillation or phenomena that is counterpart to ‘El Nino’ which caused cyclones to form on Australian east coasts. (2,4)
    7.   Earnest somehow had a sailor’s nickname for neat rums (7)
    8.   The several coloured and other rays of which light is composed, separated by the refraction of a prism (8)
14.     Maritime term, for the extreme fore-end of the ship near the hawse pipes (4,2,3)
16.     Term for keeping near the land, by heading in and standing off (3,3,2)
    17.   Grandpa was happy with nothing, in a very strong gale from the northeast which blows off the north coast of Central America (7)
    19.   Head and tail of a lugsail contains the range somehow, for a type of cannon shot used by privateers made from iron pieces in a thin casing (7)
21.   Surname of the celebrated French diplomat credited with the making of the Suez Canal (7)
22.   The indicator on a sun dial which portrays the time of day by casting its shadow (6)
23.     Our Kay goes backwards and forwards in her small sealskin boats (6)
26.     An essential piece of equipment in a large yacht to help discharge the vessel’s bilges (4)

Solution to Crossword 86