'Arry Driftwood

People are funny

Never test the depth of the water with both feet. (Allegedly from Zen Teachings).
What the hell is Zen anyway? My darling electronic dictionary says: Zen, a major school of Buddhism emphasising the value of meditation and intuition (I’ve got plenty of that) rather than ritual worship or study of scriptures. Sounds sound to me as an olde infidel.
And I’ll tell you another good thing about me and that is that you have only to tell me a thing once. And then keep on reminding me!
Sitting in the cockpit last night and watching the kerosene canaries rumbling into Kingsford Smith aerodrome, the lights of the aircraft seem to rise in altitude as they approach. It’s an optical illusion and demonstrates dramatically the curvature of the green globe … for they are actually descending.
One such aircraft landing-light did puzzle me as it took an inordinate time to approach, until I scanned with my huge Pentax marine binoculars and could then see that it was a bloody masthead light on a craft in the marina for gawsakes!
I recalled that I had seen in another publication recently that another perceptive boatman (generic) was pointing out the futility of masthead lights as anchor lights, and the fact they were illegal when a sailing vessel was under way by motor.
Do any of these plonkers read? Or do they acquire knowledge by some eerie cosmic osmosis. If they would sit up straight and pay attention they might learn, something! Boating is governed by the International Regulations for prevention of collisions at sea and carries the force of LAW. These semi-sacred Regs took centuries of sometimes bitter argy bargy and are there to protect you and your friends and kin. So wake up and fly right!
Also reflect on the pernicious legal warfare now extant over every little this ’n that and if you are in the aftermath of a boating incident/accident and out of the legal swim then you are up shitter’s creek shipmate. Masthead lights are silly toys and if you are motoring or anchored and dependant on ’em you are going to pay! Sorry!
Get my point about repetition and reminders?
What about some more Zen after that scolding.
Always remember that you are unique … just like everybody else!
As I said people are ‘funny’, for imagine driving around to pick up the kids from sport or school in a 4-wheel drive, black suburban truck called a Kluger! Jeezuz! A Kluger! And black! And a truck? It would make a cat laugh.
And what about those nunks with holes dug in their noses, lips, eyebrows and unmentionable, usually hidden other parts and bits of cold metal and glass inserted therein. The nose ring is particularly revolting ain’t it, for what if you have a cold. Tres ugly. I have asked some of ’em, why? Is it a sign of political or sexual orientation like the Mason’s handshake? But they respond with a vacant smile and a shrug and deny any of that. So it is simply a fad and a statement of unhappiness with self and the statement must be: “Look at me, I am a neurotic idiot!”
Just a few prejudices of Chairman ’Arry. But a Kluger! It sounds like a Boer farm wagon. And would you drive something called a Yaris? They say what we eat and what we drive defines what we are.
Wait one, while I turn off the wireless. In times past, as a Gemini sign, I could comfortably do three or even more things at the one time. But now I am battling to perform one at a time. Sad innit? Prolly Issac Newton’s Law of Everything Wears Out? Ho bloody hum.
Anthropomorphism: do you think animals have a sense of humour? My dog Buster seemed to. Best mate I ever had. He was a funny bugger. Didn’t like the water and he would actually snap at me if I was swimming in the shallows. I know alter ego, I have been swimming in the shallows all me life.
One day I came home from work in rough clobber and left the car outside and Buster came storming out snarling, hackles up until I spoke, and he realised he had been a fool.
Well, I don’t know about sense of humour but he was sheepishly grinning and contorting his tail in embarrassment at his faux pas. And they say the use of tools defines animals from humans but I watched a tethered Nanny goat pick up a stick in her mouth once and scratch an itch on her quarters. A tool?
What makes us laugh? But what a priceless gift. Don Hartley and I having a good old political whinge as is our wont last Friday and then I remarked that the weekend was upon us and Don sighed and said, “Thank God! We can have a rest!”
Which sent us into paroxysms of laughter … as OUR lives are one LONG rest. Such a simple thing to laugh.