Marine Trivia Quiz 174

Compiled by Jim Broadside

1. 2010 Rolex Sydney to Hobart race handicap (IRC) honours were won by:
-   Wild Oats XI skippered by Bob Oatley
-   Secret Men’s Business 3.5 led by Geoff Boettcher
-   Jazz under Chris Bull
2. Sydney Heritage Fleet’s James Craig was built as a:
-   Single hold general cargo vessel
-   Passenger vessel for impecunious migrants to New Zealand
-   Base for scientific exploration
3. In NSW, a Diver’s Flag must be:
-   Blue and Yellow and at least 400mm x 400mm in size
-   Blue and White and any size
-   Blue and White and at least 400mm x 400mm in size.
4. The line “home is the sailor, home from sea” was by:
-   John Masefield
-   Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
-   Robert Louis Stevenson
5. The ‘Caine Mutiny’ took place on a fictitious:
-   USN battleship
-   USN destroyer-minesweeper
-   Royal Canadian Navy light cruiser
6. The Roman ships found in Lake Nemi Italy were built by the Emperor:
-   Claudius
-   Gaius
-   Vespasia
7. ‘Fay’ in boating terms means:
-   An acronym for ‘Fast Auxiliary Yacht’
-   A nautical fairy seen only in blue moon months
-   To closely align boat timbers
8. The world water speed record is held by:
-   John Cobb
-   Lee Taylor
-   Ken Warby
9. The first vessel to enter the new Captain Cook Graving Dock (Sydney) was:
-   HMS Illustrious
-   HMS Formidable
-   RMS Queen Mary
10. Most of the national entrants for the 2012 Olympic Sailing events will be decided by:
-   Club results between March and December 2011
-   Results in the Perth 2011 ISAF Sailing regatta
-   Scores assessed by Australian Sailing Federation’s mega-computer

Last month’s winners –  

Chris Dayhew, Arrawarra Headland, NSW; Alex Long, South Hobart, TAS.

Answers to Quiz No 173

    1.   Tasmania was proven to be an island by Matthew Flinders and George Bass in 1799.
    2.   The words to ‘A Life on the Ocean Wave’ were published by Epes Sargent in the mid 1800s. They were set to music by Henry Russell.
    3.   When nominations closed, there were 102 entrants for the 2010 Rolex Sydney-Hobart yacht race.
    4.   The Optimist sailing dinghy was designed by American Clark Mills in 1947.
    5.   Winner of the International Dragon NSW championship held by RSYS in early November was Andrew York in Wizzardry.
    6.   The world’s first warship to be ordered as a helicopter carrier was the French navy’s Jeanne d’Arc, ordered March 1957. The USN vessels of the Iwo Jima class and USS Thetis Bay were in service before the French vessel, but it was ordered earlier.
    7       The boat in which Kay Cottee circled the world in 1987/88 was Blackmore’s First Lady. It is now in ANMM.
    8.   Cartography is the practice of projecting an area of the earth’s surface to a flat plane such a sheet of paper.
    9.   The January 2011 RPAYC Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race was the 30th annual such race.
    10.   The ‘Dog Watch’ of two 2-hour shifts exists so a crew can stand different watches instead of having to take the Mid-watch (midnight to 0400hrs) every night.