Afloat Xword 87

Compiled by John Gray

AFLOAT Crossword 87Athwart

    5.    They are Marines, Anzacs, Guardsmen or Gurkhas (6)
    8.    Name given to a ‘wind’ – any wind blowing up a slope (8)
    9.    ET didn’t come in a meteoroid, Turned up he had a Portuguese gold coin much beloved by writers of old pirate stories (7)
10.     Maritime term for the ‘front’ which is a front caused by the combination of a warm front and a cold front (8)
11.     A fore-and-aft sail, set upon the mizzenmast of a three-masted vessel, and on the jiggermast of a four-master (7)
12.     Dockyard men who are required to handle ships’ cargoes (10)
14.     Term for the movement of current or tide which diverts a vessel from its chosen course (3)
15.     Anchorages built of stone or wood to accommodate shipping (7)
18.   Time spans – Maritime term, for the ‘times’ taken for vessels to roll from one side to the other, and then back again, called “. . . . . . . of roll” (7)
20.     “The doctors” who have a satellite navigational system that can determine both latitude and longitude (3)
23.     A very short-lived linear area of violent wind or weather, with a defined front (4,6).
25.     The phonetic alphabet ‘figure code word’ used for the figure “6” (7)
26.     Sailing term for those stays from the head of the mainmasts to the head of the foremasts, to stay the mainmast (8)
27.     A loading chute or ramp used for bulk commodities like coal for loading ships and barges (7)
28.     Eccentric localist finds a satellite of Jupiter discovered initially by Galileo (8)
29.     Sounds like you and the Royal Australian Navy is with us on the seventh planet (6)


    1.    Often regarded as the world’s fastest fishes, belongs to the mackerel family, and similar to the Spanish mackerels (6)
    2.    Covers that are used over openings in the vessel’s deck (7)
    3.    Recognizes with a gesture – prescribed by a maritime regulation (7)
    4.    A hinged cot fitted to many yachts where space available does not include a fixed bunk (4,3)
    5.    Vessels used in transporting soldiers or sailors in wartime (10)
    6.    An old naval term for a ship laid up in a dockyard or harbour – also the men who remained with them (8)
    7.    A fishing net, of which the bottom can be drawn together after trawling to form an area to entrap the fish (5,3).
11.     Old maritime word to describe condition of a ship that had run ashore and had to wait for the next tide (3)
13.     Strong shutters, usually of iron, over portholes to prevent seawater from entering (10)
16.     A valuable fur-producing web-footed mammal, from rocky northern Pacific shores, related to the weasel (3,5).
17.   Two or more men-of-war of a squadron – or a flotilla under one command. One of the groups into which a fleet is divided (8)
19.     The number of feet (being two before eight), in a fathom (3)
20.     Crew members’ carry-all, for personal and safety equipment (4,3)
21.     Sudden violent winds often accompanied by heavy rains (7)
22.     An ocean-going yacht of 20 tons, a brigantine with square topsail, and gunter lugsail, first to round Cape Horn in so small a yacht, described in a book ‘Across Three Oceans’ (7)
24.     The capital city of Portugal, and major seaport on the River Tagus, and main Portuguese naval base (6)

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