Marine Trivia Quiz 172

Compiled by Jim Broadside

1. The Murray Cod fishing season is:
-   All year round   
-   Closed from September to November
-   Closed from March to May
2. The Murray River is:
-   About 2,600 km long
-   The 4th longest river in the world
-   Entirely in NSW
3. The biggest highlight for children at the 2010 Mandurah Boat Show was:
-   The Wiggles   
-   Hi Five
-   Jolly Jim the Pirate
4. The 2010 Rolex Sydney to Hobart race will see the presence as crew of:
-   Prince William
-   Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
-   Johnny Wilkinson
5. The Mary Celeste, found abandoned on 5 December 1872 was:
-   An English barquentine
-   A US owned brigantine
-   A Canadian schooner
6. For geographic purposes, there are:
-   Six oceans and seven seas
-   Five oceans and numerous seas
-   Seven oceans and six seas
7. A ‘parhelion’ is:
-   A series of rings on a mast used to hoist sails
-   Luminous spots that appear next to the sun
-   A device to free anchors snagged on the sea-bed
8. The main feature of the dreadnought battleships was:
-   Large guns of uniform calibre
-   Preference for speed at the expense of armour protection
-   A mixture of gun calibres to provide flexibility in ranging
9.The most recently commissioned ship in the RAN is:
-   HMAS Adelaide III, Amphibious Assault Ship
-   HMAS Tobruk, Landing Ship Heavy
-   HMAS Glenelg, Patrol Boat
10. ‘Yaw’ is the effect on a ship’s course from:
-   A following wind or sea
-   A current oblique to a vessel’s course
-   Another vessel’s bow wave

Last month’s winners –  

Paul Wilkinson, Lindfield, NSW; Jason Cross, Holland Park, QLD.

Answers to Quiz No 171

    1.   The number of Boat berths on Sydney Harbour was specified as just over 2,000 (2,033) in late September 2010.
    2.   The ‘Light List’ is a British publication showing navigational lights around the world.
    3.   Marseilles is most famous as the largest port in the Mediterranean. It was founded as a Greek colony.
    4.   The main motivation for the Plimsoll Line was to foster the safety of crews.  Its introduction followed a British Royal Commission in 1873 into losses of life in overloaded and heavily insured vessels.
    5.   The Sargasso Sea is most famous for an eddy that causes large quantities of the Sargasso weed to float to the surface.
    6.   Governor Macquarie’s 1818 lighthouse was replicated in the 1880s and the original lighthouse was then demolished.
    7.   The clipper ship City of Adelaide is of composite construction with timber planking on a wrought iron frame. Its timber bottom was sheathed with copper to prevent fouling.
    8.   The anticlockwise circumnavigation of Australia by the HMB Endeavour replica is planned to take place from 15 April 2011 to 21 May 2012.
    9.   The replica HMB Endeavour is built mainly with Western Australian Jarrah.
    10.   King Neptune’s wife is generally named as Queen Amphitrite.