Afloat Xword 85

Compiled by John Gray

Afloat Crossword 85Athwart

  1.     Elevated guard rail set up at the stern or bows of a vessel – called a pushpit when at the stern (6)
  4.     Wind that is deflected from a forward sail onto the sail behind it (8)
  8.     A ‘piece’ worked fore and aft the boat each side to take the end of a thwart (6)
  9.     Term used when you push the tiller gently away, in order to turn toward the wind – something racers do to each other to catch the back of the fleet (4,2).
 10.     The distances that yachts are moved due to winds or currents (6)
 12.     Stable compartment – a breakdown of aerodynamic forces from separation of airflow on leeward side of a sail (5)
 15.     Acronym for the International Yacht Restoration School (4)
 16.     Term refers to the lines of a vessel’s hull that gives a fine and unobstructed run through the water, from bow to stern (5)
 17.   A doctor left mangled when using a rod and line for fishing (5)
 19.     A bird, in the ancient city on the Nile in Egypt; two dams across the Nile have been built nearby (5)
 20.     The call sign for ‘A’ in the phonetic alphabet (4)
 23.     Situation, with crew aft, boat has a short waterline shape, boat slows and turns away from the wind (3,2)
 24.     The fourth state of matter, all the matter in the interior of stars is considered to be in this “state” (6)
 28.     Boards equipped with lines and bridles towed behind fishing boats to keep trawl mouths open (6)
 29.     The angle that the bowsprit makes with the horizon, or with a line at the vessel’s keel (6)
 30.     Large spars rigged on deck as cranes, used for heavy cargoes, and hoisting boats etc. (8)
 31.     War from a way-marker can be first Russian Polar icebreaker, built at Newcastle England for the Russian government (6)


  1.     A port on the Mediterranean end of the Suez Canal, Egypt (4,4)
  2.     To secure anything on board with a rope or cord (4)
  3.   To open a new coil of rope, which is taken out first? Inner bottom, or outer bottom? (5)
  4.     Maritime name for the ‘loops’ of ropes when they are folded (6)
  5.     Young male horse, in the old Royal Navy, a short punishment rope with a knot in the end used by Petty Officers (4)
  6.     Able to be distended by air to a larger size, such as a life raft (10)
  7.     Turning North West from the ‘dowel-pin’ is a straight, centered, one-half wavelength antenna (6)
 11.     A structure that is not contiguous to another part of the ship, the bridge of an aircraft carrier (6)
 13.     Term for this ‘type’ of sailor who is not accustomed to sail on salt water; unskilled as a seaman (10)
 14.     Those great bodies of water that cover 2/3 of our Earth’s surface (6)
 18.     Traditionally the structure on the upper deck of a merchant vessel where apprentices were berthed (4,4)
 21.     In a place across an ocean? (6)
 22.     What a sailor is said to do, as he eases out or pays out a line (6)
 25.     A seam in a triangular sail, such as a staysail or jib where cloths that run in two directions are joined (5)
 26.     The United States Marine Corps (4)
 27.     The steering mechanism for a vessel; a mechanical device by which a vessel is steered (4)

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