Afloat Xword 60

Compiled by John Gray


  1 Insignia for Electronic Chart and Display Information System (5)
  4 A small vessel equipped with sails and used for pleasure or for racing (5)
  7 Type of lettuce with long dark-green leaves (3)
  9 Alternate name for a yachtsman’s ‘Panic Bag’, designed to supplement the contents of a lifeboat (4,3)
  10 A sea at right angles to the yacht’s course (4,3)
  11 Trailer sailer with retractable centreboard, suitable for offshore trips, and accommodating four crew (1,4)
  12 A charted line designating areas of equal time, or occurring at the same time (9)
  13 The seaport on the coast of Belgium, connected to the inland port of Bruges by an 8 mile ship canal (9)
  16 A shackle which was used to confine sailors, being a long bar with a padlock at it’s end (5)
  18 Originally an ornamental stern in small sailing ships, either framing a window of the cabin, or giving a representation of a window (5)
  19 Temporary enclosed structure on the sea floor pumped dry to accommodate working crews. (6,3)
  21 The brightest star in the constellation Taurus (9)
  23 Sea back on the rum was a Greek writer of fables (5)  25 Attempting to come about but with insufficient power to carry through, and unable to head off on either tack (2,5)
  26 Metal insert with an “eye” in the end to which purchases may be attached (7)
  27 A small crude shelter used as an onshore dwelling (3)
  28 Appendages at the bottom of yachts to counter heeling forces from excessive winds (5)
  29 The general cut or uniform for sailors at sea (5)


  1 A ship’s name used more than twenty times in the Royal Navy, best known being the aircraft carriers (5)
  2 A vessel presenting her stern to an observer so that it is in line with the observer’s track (4,2,3)
  3 Boats that can be made into a car-topping, one man dinghy (5)
  4 International one design, 3 person keelboat, length 6.35m, sail area 14.0sqm, spinnaker 5.1sqm (7)
  5 Name frequently used to describe the cookhouse on small vessels, like a sentry box on deck (7)
  6 Capable of being instructed (9)
  7 Name for a flat-bottomed square-ended boat of the Philippine Islands used for ferrying cargo from ship to shore (5)
  8 The name often given in large liners to the cabin occupied by a first-class passenger (5,4)
  13 A species of thin, striped, freshwater minnow (5,4)
  14 Sailing attachment with a pulley, used with a halyard when hauling or shortening a sail (4,5)
  15 Combining form suffix, signifying Soil, Earth, ground, geology (3)
  17 Alternate spelling for the seaman’s magnetic oxide stone, which when suspended made a crude north-pointing compass (9)
  19 Cares so about the open space under the poop deck of a galley – where the Admiral had his bed (7)
  20 Appliances let down the side of yachts or wharves to prevent chafing when lying alongside (7)
  22 Sailing term for the distance a yacht is moved by wind or current (5)
  23 The direction directly in front of a yacht on her current heading (5)
  24 A term for the predicted courses of cyclones (5)

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